'Big Brother' 21 Is Already Being Called Racist Two Nights Into the New Season: Here's Why

Viewers have accused CBS reality show Big Brother of racism following a second-night elimination. Twitter users roasted the show for nominating both Black houseguests and a Latina houseguest for early elimination, while a house of white houseguests remained safe. This is far from the first time Big Brother contestants have been called out for problematic behavior.

Jackson Michie was voted as the Big Brother Camp Director on Tuesday's episode, which gave him a few powers. First, Michie would not be eligible for eviction this week. Next, he was told he had to pick four people to be "banished" from the house. Michie chose David Alexander, Jessica Milagros, Cliff Hogg III and Kemi Faknule.

Big Brother 21 Cast
The cast of Big Brother Season 21. Monty Brinton/CBS

The four were forced to compete to retain their place in the house on Wednesday night, in an extreme-darkness competition. Each had to feel their way out of a dark forest, and find there way through holes in tree trunks back to the Big Brother house. A series of detours awaited them. Alexander was the last to complete the task, meaning he was immediately eliminated from the house. (However, Julie Chen Moonves' wording seemed to suggest he could earn a chance to reenter.)

Twitter was upset with Michie's picks, with some viewers calling them racist. Others called out ageism, because Hogg is the oldest player this season. Still others questioned the night's Head of Household competition, which was called a "Color War" because of slippery paint that flooded the houseguests in order to make the competition more difficult.

The old man 🤔 the black chick 🤔 the latino chick 🤔 and the black guy... Jackson racist sexist age discriminating square head ass #bb21 #BigBrother21 pic.twitter.com/tISzuuVqCT

— Erica 🖤 (@rogerthat417) June 27, 2019

You mean to tell me....during the same episode a Black man is the 1st boot for no reason...Julie uses the phrase "Color War" & im not supposed to see how racist this season is? GTFOH #BB21 pic.twitter.com/zQ0JOOgAev

— Mental Medjay (@RantGodDave) June 27, 2019

Racists!!!! #BB21

— Elisha Hill (@elishaah81) June 27, 2019

Others, however, saw the claims and rolled their eyes. Some explained that Kemi was nominated because she didn't try to talk to Michie before the competition like the other houseguests. Michie explained that he chose people who competed against him for the position of Camp Director. Kemi was added because of her silence.

y’all are really so upset saying that the show is racist when he had a good reason to put them all up??? they were the ones competing against him for camp director & the other chick never made the effort to talk to jackson, y’all need to chill 😂 #BB21

— jules👅🌞 (@jules_cisco) June 27, 2019

Here comes the Jackson's a racist tweets #BB21

— TV Fan (@TVandYTfan) June 27, 2019

#BB21 I love how Kemi blatantly didn’t talk to Jackson cause she thinks she is too good to plead for safety, yet Jackson is being called racist for banishing her.... and that’s coming from someone who’s don’t like Jackson.

— #bbbella #bb21 #bbjessica (@biiigbrothaaa) June 27, 2019

This isn't the first time Big Brother has prompted fan outcry for its format and casting. Last summer's Season 20 included a houseguest accused of sexually harassing fellow castmates. Fans called for the removal of the perpetrator, JC Mounduix, and were angered when CBS said in order for changes to be made, those inside the house must request the removal.