'Big Brother' 22: When Episodes Will Air and When the First Eviction Is

Big Brother Season 22 has revealed its 16 all-star houseguests, who entered the CBS show in early August. Very soon, however, those 16 will start be whittled down as nominations and evictions begin on the show. Cody Calafiore has been named the first Head of Household, meaning that he will nominate the first two housemates for eviction.

When will Big Brother 22 episodes air?

This year, CBS will air three episodes a week of the all-stars season of Big Brother. Episodes will air on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

While the launch show began at 9 p.m. ET, the remaining episodes are expected to air at 8 p.m. ET on CBS after the first week.

As with previous years, the live feeds are running 24/7 via CBS All Access, which offers a four-view multi-screen experience showing you the best from the house at all times. It also allows users to go back into the timeline to rewatch moments from throughout the season.

Pop, however, will not be airing spin-off Big Brother: After Dark this year.

When will be the first nominations?

On August 9, Cody will reveal the two people he is putting up for eviction. That show will be on after CBS' golf coverage and 60 Minutes at 10 p.m., but the show will then go back to its 8 p.m. slot after the launch and first episode.

On that day, the show will also be unveiling a new twist. This year's house included the Safety Suite, which will give two contestants immunity from eviction for the week. Host Julie Chen has revealed that each contestant will be given a VIP pass to the room, but it has not yet been revealed what this will mean.

When will the first Big Brother 22 eviction be?

The first contestant will leave the Big Brother house during the live show on August 13, when Chen will be welcoming the first houseguest back into the outside world. Though evictions last year aired at 9 p.m., they will now air at 8 p.m. in 2020.

As ever, however, there will be a Veto competition that could change the nominations for this eviction. The Veto competition will be on Wednesday's edition, when the top contestants will battle it out for the change to remove one of the nominations.

What that first Veto competition will be, however, has not been announced.

This schedule is expected to continue throughout the season, with the Head of Household and nominations announced on Sunday, the Veto competition on Wednesday and eviction on Thursday.