'Big Brother’ Spoiler Site Claims Bayleigh Might be Pregnant, Swaggy C Tweets Then Deletes Claim

Big Brother spoiler account @realvegas4sure tweeted that houseguest Bayleigh Dayton may be pregnant inside the Big Brother house. The tweet was posted on Monday night and was retweeted by Swaggy C, though his retweet has since been deleted.

Dayton and Swaggy C began a relationship at the start of the summer. The pair acted as each other’s closest alliance member until Swaggy C was evicted in the early weeks of the game. The pair was able to advance their relationship in their short amount of time together, becoming an exclusive couple and exchanging “I love yous” before Swaggy C left the house.

Dayton expressed concerns that her period was late on the Big Brother live stream, according to Monsters and Critics. Live feed viewers posed the question to the spoiler account, to which they responded.

Swaggy C expressed a need for emergency contraceptive pill Plan B in front of the live feeds before his eviction. In a conversation with houseguest Faysal Shafaat, Swaggy C inquired about getting the pill from production, according to Monsters and Critics.

Swaggy C bb20 Swaggy C shows off his swimwear in the BB backyard. The former houseguest proposed to his girlfriend, Bayleigh Dayton, on the finale. CBS

The couple plans to move in together after the Big Brother season. Swaggy C mentioned the pair’s quick connection and his confidence in the relationship in an interview with Us Weekly on July 17.

“When you confide in someone and can put 100 percent trust in them it grows fast. You see them at their worst, you sleep with them every night, you see them at their best,” he said.

He spoke of why he loves Dayton, mentioning her care for him. “It’s her personality, how much she actually cares for me, aside from the game, in terms of me bettering myself. She’s genuinely concerned about that and not so much her physical attraction, so that’s the main thing that attracted me to her.”

Dayton, who is still in the house, does not know Swaggy C has met her parents. The evicted houseguest visited her family in a filmed segment which aired on Big Brother's Thursday episode. Swaggy C seemed to get along well with Dayton’s family as the group rooted her on during a viewing session.

Since his eviction, Swaggy C has been supporting Dayton on social media by posting encouraging messages and photos of his girlfriend daily.

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