'Big Brother' Spoilers: Live Feed Blackout And Early Eviction Tuesday

Big Brother Live Feed viewers should expect a blackout on the feeds Tuesday, as the summer's yearly shutdown will take place. The shutdown allows the Big Brother game to continue without the cameras on in order to prevent spoilers as the game accelerates, according to Fansided.

Tuesday, an eviction will be held, though it will not be broadcast live. The eviction will leave only four houseguests in the Big Brother house. The eviction should premiere on Wednesday night's Big Brother episode.

Live feeds are expected to be shut off through the Wednesday episode to limit spoilers. Still, spoilers will most likely be found online before the eviction airs.

Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix are on the block for this week's eviction. Inside the house, the Veto Ceremony should take place today, according to Big Brother Network. Kaycee Clark has the Power of Veto this week. She is closest with current Head of Household (HoH) Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen, leaving the assumption she will keep the nominations the same in order to keep her alliance members safe.

It is unclear how the alliance will split if all three are the final members in the house. Clark and Rummans have been close friends throughout the game. Crispen and Clark have a final-two deal. Crispen and Rummans are in a relationship, and though it is secret, Crispen admitted to cameras in the Diary Room that he may be in love with Rummans.

Rummans and Cripsen have played a close game, though Crispen has been close and strategic with every house member. He is also close with Mounduix and Bledsoe as both believe they have a strong deal with him that will propel them to the end of the game.

The live Big Brother finale is scheduled to take place on September 26. The special will be 90 minutes and should include the final three houseguests competing for the spot. As with every season, priorly evicted houseguests, labeled the "jury," will vote to decide who, of the final two, will win this season.

Former Big Brother winners are leaning toward Cripsen or Clark for a win. Rachel Reilly and Josh Martinez told Newsweek Crispen has earned the win, though the jury may become bitter based on his strategic, yet selfish, gameplay. Winner Andy Herren sees Clark taking the win because she has been kind to all houseguests, won many competitions and kept strong and beneficial relationships throughout. Crispen, however, has angered many jury members.

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