'Big Brother' Spoilers: Week One Alliance Rules House And Determines Nominations

A week one alliance is working strongly in the Big Brother house, and it seemed to control nominations this week. The first Head of Household made their nominations on Sunday night's episode, and they seem to be staying true to where he interests lie. Here's the rundown of what happened, and what it means for the upcoming eviction ceremony and more.

Christie won the Head of Household competition on Wednesday night's episode, in what was a messy, slippery endurance competition that saw some of the houses' seemingly strongest players falling soon into the competition. It came down to Christie and Holly, who are in the same alliance, meaning the eight-person leading group was sure to have control week one.

The group, made up of Christie, Holly, Jackson (who houseguests are calling by his last name, Michie), Jack, Isabella, Nick, Analyse and Tommy, who she knew before her time on Big Brother, is now called "Gr8ful."

Christie BB
Christie is the first Head of Household on Big Brother Season 21. Monty Brinton/CBS

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No one from the alliance was nominated for eviction, and Christie seemingly has no plan to backdoor any of her close friends. In a safe move, Christie nominated Cliff, the oldest houseguest, and Kathryn, a former cheerleader. The alliance claimed Kathryn had weird energy, and that she was "running her mouth" about Christie. Christie said this was a great excuse to nominate her without getting any blood on her hands early in the season.

Cliff was told he's a pawn in the game, though the older houseguests typically end up going home first.

There is a possible backdoor plan in the works. The alliance also has their sights on Kemi, who seemingly upset the house in brutally verbal gameplay. It appeared Kemi lost trust from the other houseguests, who can see her making big game moves with little notice. If the Power of Veto is used, Christie will need to nominate another houseguest. It wouldn't be a giant surprise if she picked Kemi, and was backed by Gr8ful.

Whoever does go home in the upcoming week won't be the first. Houseguest David was eliminated in an early competition last Wednesday, which showed him up against four houseguests in the dark, Big Brother woods. As the last houseguest to return to the Big Brother house, he was immediately eliminated. It appears David may have a chance to enter the game again, though, according to host Julie Chen Moonves.

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