Viewers of Big Brother Season 24 are calling out the show's editors for protecting housemate Kyle Capener after multiple accusations of racism were made against him.

The term "Stop Protecting Kyle" started trending online after fans of the show claimed the producers of the CBS show were "hiding Kyle's racism." The latest season has been running for over a month, with another month to go.

Eleven contestants remain but viewers are concerned about an apparent racial divide forming in the house, with Kyle starting an alliance with housemates that has irked many viewers. As a result of him creating a team with all of the white housemates, he's being referred to as "KKKyle" online.

Twitter is filled with accounts that frequently tweet about the goings on in the Big Brother House, and comments about Kyle have gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

This combination image shows "Big Brother 24" presenter Julie Chen Moonves, left, and contestant Kyle Capener, right. Multiple accusations of racism have been leveled at Capener by viewers of the show.CBS

Summarizing the situation from their point of view, @ZoharaZoabi provided a recap for their followers.

"#KKKyle wants to form a 'silent majority' of white players bc he wrongly assumes the [People of Color] are working together. He's called them loud bullies, and felt "jumped" talking to them."

She added: "He also said Turner in a bucket hat looks like a Filipino rice farmer."

Viewers have had their suspicions about Kyle since the start of this month. On August 5, @Seethingfrfr shared a video clip from the show of "KKKyle" explaining his plan, which the Twitter user said was proof he wanted to "target all of the racial/ethnic minorities in the house."

Many viewers claimed the creators of the show must be hiding Kyle's "micro aggressions" while broadcasting clips of other housemates wrongdoings.

"CBS was quick to show Taylor [Hale] saying over and over she won't put up a black woman which caused the casuals to call her racist," @TheCapital_V wrote. "But they refuse to show the actual racist Kyle and what he has been saying for weeks."

Adding to that, @yummy_leftovers said: "Not surprised @CBSBigBrother is hiding Kyle and the silent majority's micro aggressions against the POC. Nobody cares about the POC experience because we are seen [as] less than."

"Kyle seriously said that the white people in the Leftover are the 'silent majority,' while the black and brown folks are 'loud.'" @leebee4life wrote, referring to a group that has formed in the house. They added, "And Michael [Bruner] and Brittany [Hoopes] just nodded. That is vile."

It wasn't just fans of the show who were calling out Kyle's behavior. Former Big Brother star, turned "Queen of Real Estate" Janelle Pierzina didn't hide her emotions when it came to the controversial housemate.

In a since deleted tweet, Pierzina wrote: "He only lasts 10 seconds, […], I've seen proof of his racism and is 29 and still lives with his parents. Cancel this guy already."

Pierzina said she had to go back and delete the tweet as it contained an incorrect accusation that he had previously used "the N word." After admitting her mistake, she said she was "still over Kyle."

Newsweek has reached out to CBS for comment on claims that the Big Brother producers are "protecting" Kyle Capener.