The Biggest Spoilers From 'The Bachelor' Women Tell All Pre-Finale Special

The Women Tell All episode is here, which means all unnecessary Bachelor drama from Peter Weber's season will be brought to light again. There are moments Bachelor viewers likely expect, like the house confronting Tammy Ly, or a cinematic replay of the Champagne-gate best moments, but this Tell All may be a bit different from those past.

To start, the episode will dive into a dramatic rose ceremony, according to Reality Steve. Weber's final three will be whittled down to the final two before this Tell All special even begins. Victoria Fuller is sent home leaving Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett as Weber's final two.

Then, the show is expected to shift into full Tell All mode. Only two women will take the hot seat and speak to Weber directly: Kelsey Weier and Fuller.

Weber's Bachelor cast
Women on The Bachelor compete for Peter Weber's heart. Francisco Roman/ABC

Fuller's conversation with Weber will, of course, tackle claims that she's responsible for breaking up a handful of marriages. Viewers will remember Weber's ex, Merissa Pence, revealing that Fuller has a history of breaking up relationships. These rumors only accelerated throughout Bachelor Nation during filming.

In the conversation, Fuller will deny playing a part in any crumbling relationships. The spoiler blogger shared his opinion of Fuller's comments in an Instagram post. "Not a smart move, but one I fully expected her to make," he wrote. "We'll see what happens now."

Weier's time in the hot seat is considered a "Bachelorette audition," according to the spoiler site. It appears she speaks heavily about how she's ready for love. Even former contestant Ashley Iaconetti shows support for Weier by gifting her a bottle of champagne.

Other tense encounters come to light, too. Ly is the center of some of the drama as the women, including Sydney Hightower and Shiann Lewis, confront her. This may be one of the loudest, most unorganized portions of the show as Chris Harrison apparently is forced to remind Ly to listen to the other women instead of yelling over them.

Alayah Benavidez and Victoria Paul lead another central drama conversation. Benavidez confronts Paul, and explains that the pair were friends before signing up for the show. It appears the rest of the women slam Paul for distancing herself from Benavidez during filming.

Throughout the season, women claimed Weber played into the drama, and even rewarded catty behavior. He's asked if he regrets his role in all of it, and he never clearly answers. Reality Steve claimed Weber danced around a series of questions from the women, never fully addressing his role in the drama and blaming it on the process. He did, however, reveal that he is happy after the season.