Bill Clinton's Nobel Consolation Prize

So Barack Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize. Whatever. That's all you got, Obama? The Big Dog takes your Nobel and raises you a Scholar-Statesman Award.

That's right. This evening, as Barack Obama continues to fret about war, peace, and the domestic political fallout from an unexpected (and seemingly unwelcome) Nobel win, Bill Clinton will be at the Pierre Hotel in New York accepting the annual Scholar-Statesman Award from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Last week, the Gagglers named Bill Clinton one of the six people most peeved about the Obama win, but we say he has plenty of reason to feel just as good about his new award. For one, the two have a lot in common. Last year's Scholar-Statesman was Henry Kissinger, who has also won a Nobel Peace Prize. For another, the description sounds catchier. "There's a certain magic when you bring together people who have contributed so much to our nation and Western Civilization writ large," said Robert Satloff, the Washington Institute's director, of the event last year. The Nobel Committee describes its own ceremony as "solemn." And finally, anybody can order up their own knock-off Nobel Prize Award Dinner at the Grand Hotel Oslo these days. Take that, Nobel.