The Internet Reacts to Rumors Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick Have Been Dating for a Year

Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick could be the latest celebrity couple for the internet to speculate over.

According to a new report by People, the actors have been "quietly" dating for over a year now. They met years ago as Kendrick hosted Saturday Night Live when Hader was a cast member, then later starred as siblings in the Disney Christmas movie Noelle, but a source suggests they got together well after the movie was filmed.

With news of their relationship finally becoming public knowledge, Twitter users have been expressing a range of emotions.

Jealous Hader & Kendrick fans

Many online reacted with surprise, including @caylamasters.

While other celebrity couples have been the source of derision online, overall the internet seems thrilled for Kendrick and Hader. Twitter user @jesseraeee agreed it was a good match but like many others, suggested they were jealous of the relationship.

Both Hader and Kendrick have passionate fan bases and naturally jealousy was a common theme. @degensupnorth took the news almost as hard as anyone, using a short video meme to express themselves.

"What a Time To Be an SNL Man"

New celebrity couples seem to be the trend at the moment, with several new relationships blossoming, giving the internet fandom plenty to talk about.

Specifically, the men of Saturday Night Live have been a talking point recently as many of them have started to date high-profile celebrities.

As @Chaoticmulaney points out, John Mulaney, a former SNL writer just had a baby with Olivia Munn, current cast member Pete Davidson is with Kim Kardashian after her pending divorce from Kanye West, and now ex-cast member Hader is with Kendrick.

Throw in SNL head writer Colin Jost marrying Scarlett Johansson and we can see a definite pattern emerging. As @chelseacolon_ puts it, "What a time to be an SNL man."

Other fans have suggested that Hader and Kendrick are the thinking man's version of Davidson and Kardashian, or Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

Combining Fan Communities

In a short story told through one tweet and one retweet, the Bill Hader fans, via @Angel_c_t_, introduced themselves to the Anna Kendrick fans. Speaking on behalf of the Kendrick fans, @AnnasAngel4 was less than impressed.

According to People, Kendrick and Hader have been able to keep their relationship a secret for over a year thanks to the pandemic. A source told the publication that they're "both very private people, and with the pandemic, it was easy to keep it quiet."

The source continued: "They're both hysterical so they must keep each other laughing all of the time. She's really, really happy."

Hader is currently working on the third season of his TV show Barry while Kendrick has a movie coming out this year called Alice, Darling, where she plays the titular Alice.

Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick
Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick have been dating for over a year according to People. Randy Shropshire / Amy Sussman/Getty Images