Bill Maher Questions Joe Biden's Chances of Beating Trump, Suggests Warren and Sanders 'Too Left'

HBO host Bill Maher expressed his concern to Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar Friday night that Joe Biden is looking less and less likely to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020.

Maher, the outspoken liberal Democrat and host of HBO's Real Time program, said Biden looks like a "depreciating stock" among the 2020 Democratic candidates during an interview with the Minnesota senator Friday. Both Klobuchar and Maher discussed the distinction between competing "center left" and "far left" wings of the Democratic Party and Maher suggested someone "younger and female-er" should replace Biden as the front-runner.

Describing Biden as the "leader of the center-left," Maher questioned the former vice president's declining viability as a Democratic candidate.

"I've always said, I like Joe. He's never been my favorite. But if he's the guy to beat Trump, I was like, let's not kill him," Maher said. "Because if he's the one — but I must say, my confidence that he can beat Trump is waning. He looks like a depreciating stock to me."

Amy Klobuchar Attacks Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren on Bill Maher Show

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"I'm not trying to get Joe [Biden] out, but we do need someone in the center left who is younger, female-er," Maher quipped, eliciting laughter from Klobuchar and the studio audience.

Maher asked Klobuchar whether Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren are "too left" despite the majority of recent polls showing Warren as the new front-runner. Biden, Sanders and Warren have formed the top trio of polling front-runners for several months. Klobuchar ridiculed the two progressive senators for their "Medicare-for-All" plans as well as free public college tuition proposals.

"Again, I want to win big, and if someone is looking to kick 149 million Americans off their current health insurance in four years, then I'm not your candidate," Klobuchar replied. She made the same suggestion during the September 12 Democratic debate, citing a 2014 Kaiser Family Foundation survey that showed that 149 million non-elderly people had employer-sponsored coverage.

"Just because people say ideas are bold doesn't mean they are bold, they may be bad," Klobuchar added.

Maher went on to say he's not questioning Biden's campaign over "ageism," which he described as one of the few judgmental criticisms Americans can say publicly in 2019. But he went on to note a heart attack recently suffered by Sanders, who at 78 is two years older than Biden.

"I've always found against's a case-by-case basis. Elizabeth Warren is 70-she looks 50 and acts 20. She took selfies with 4,000 people I don't even know if I trust someone who wants to president that much," Maher joked.

"Joe...I don't know," he added.

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Bill Maher expressed his concern to Amy Klobuchar Friday night that Joe Biden is looking less and less likely to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020. Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc for HBO Films