Bill Maher Says Republicans 'Don't Care' About Tara Reade's Biden Allegations, Challenges Timing of Sexual Assault Claims

HBO host Bill Maher said Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump "don't care" about Tara Reade or other women's sexual assault allegations, saying such claims are being used as a "unilateral weapon" against Democrats.

The Real Time with Bill Maher host ripped Democrats on Friday for saying "we need to do everything we can to defeat Trump," arguing that Republicans "want for us to go down the rabbit hole" of Reade's 1993 accusations against presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden. Maher said Democrats should have never ousted former Minnesota Senator Al Franken over claims of sexual misconduct that led to his resignation in January 2018. The HBO host said Democrats "woke themselves" into a corner by pushing the "Believe Women" narrative instead of adopting the mantra "take accusations seriously."

"Believing everything doesn't make you noble, it makes you gullible. And leaves us with a world where Republicans don't care about this stuff, so it's just a unilateral weapon that is used only against Democrats," Maher said Friday. "Just because Fox News is obsessed with the Biden sex assault allegations, it doesn't mean the rest of us have to be. You may have noticed Donald Trump has one move: accuse you of the very thing he's guilty of."

Maher said Democrats, including New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, should not have ousted Franken over USO tour groping allegations in the early 2000s when he was a Saturday Night Live comedian.

"Trump rides the bus with Billy Bush, we throw Al Franken under it," Maher said, responding to a 2019 remark from New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about believing the women who accused Franken of groping them a decade before. Maher directly targeted the "Believe Women" narrative as too broad, particularly in regards to Reade's allegations against Biden—which he and his campaign have repeatedly denied.

Maher ripped the Democratic Party for having "woke themselves" into a corner when they adopted "Believe Women" as their rallying call against sexual harassment. Instead, Maher suggested, the slogan "Take Accusations Seriously" should be used in order to investigate such claims equally. Maher said Reade's allegations against Biden have too many errors, and he noted a since-deleted 2018 Medium essay she wrote entitled, "Why A Liberal Democrat Supports Vladimir Putin."

"She literally wrote a love letter to the murderer trying to keep Biden from the White House," Maher said Friday. "Everybody says, 'we need to do everything we can to defeat Trump.' Yeah, except anything."

"You waited 27 years, you think it couldn't wait a few more months? That's what I'd like to ask Ms. Reade: 'why now?'" Maher continued. "I'm not saying why not 27 years ago, I understand, it can take victims years to come forward. I'm saying, why not before Super Tuesday? Why not last fall when we still had a dozen other candidates to choose from? Why wait until Biden is our only hope against Trump and then take him down.

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Bill Maher said Republicans "don't care" about Tara Reade's sexual assault allegations, saying such claims are simply used as a "unilateral weapon" against Democrats. Screenshot: Bill Maher | YouTube