80's Rocker Billy Idol is the Punny Spokesperson for NYC's New Anti-Idling Campaign

British rockstar Billy Idol is the new face for New York City's anti-idling campaign, fittingly titled "Billy Never Idles."

The campaign seeks to reinforce New York's idling prohibition, which has been in effect since 1972. In an effort to reduce pollution from exhaust, the campaign reminds New Yorkers that they cannot let their vehicles idle for more than three minutes.

"If you're not driving, shut your damn engine off," the White Wedding singer commands in the ad. "Idling is polluting. I mean, bollocks! Are you trying to choke us all? This city has some of the most hard-working, creative, and awesome people. Don't clog our lungs with your car fumes! Billy never idles. So, why should you?"

Idol said his love of New York was the reason he wanted to participate in the campaign. "I love New York City and I'm delighted to lend my support to a campaign benefitting the environment," Idol told Newsweek in a statement. "I'm troubled when I see cars and trucks sitting idle while polluting our neighborhoods. New Yorkers are some of the most hardworking, passionate people in the world and I hope they will join me in turning off their engines."

Billy idol
Singer Billy Idol performs "Classic Quadrophenia" on stage at The Metropolitan Opera House on September 9, 2017 in New York City. The singer joined Mayor Bill de Blasio during a press conference on Thursday to promote the new Billy Never Idles campaign. Gary Gershoff/Getty

In a press conference to promote the campaign, Mayor Bill de Blasio encouraged everyone to visit New York City's website to stop idling.

"We want you to remember how important this is. So, we needed a voice of conscience We needed a name that people would recognize and respect. We needed a devilishly handsome frontman," de Blasio said in a press conference. "So, when you want to find out how you can protect our air, protect our earth, go to BillyNeverIdles.nyc."

Idol spoke about his fondness for the city. "I came back [to New York] in the '80s of my solo career. You helped me ignite my solo career," he said. "I just wanted to give back to the city. When I heard about this campaign, it just made sense. It's amusing, but at the same time, it's very serious."

During the press conference, Idol also told the crowd at City Hall that by cutting down on idling it was benefitting his health along with the rest of the city. "If you can, shut off your engine, and save my health. Help my lungs. I need my lungs to breathe and sing. Thank you for taking notice of this, and thank you for all being here today. It's my privilege to be doing this, and shut it off!" he said, before leading a chant of "Billy Never Idles."