Binley Mega Chippy: What Is It and Why It Has Taken the Internet by Storm?

A seemingly ordinary fish and chip shop has become one of the U.K.'s most popular culinary destinations after going viral on TikTok.

Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry has been attracting hordes of visitors from across the country after a string of memes and videos began going viral on social media in April.

The interest hasn't been restricted to the U.K. either, with customers traveling from Australia and the U.S. to sample the fast food outlet's famous Morbius meal deal, among other things, which consists of fish and chips, mushy peas and a can of soda.

Priced at an affordable £4.99 ($5.80), demand for the meal has proven strong, with Binley Mega Chippy reporting a 10-fold increase in trade, according to Metro.

Speaking to the BBC, shop owner Kamal Gandhi said the change had turned him into something of a local celebrity. "People have been snapping and taking pictures of us," he told The One Show. "My family think 'wow' we have only ever seen that if the Queen came driving through town or David Beckham."

Having only purchased the shop a few months ago, Gandhi believes the wild success is nothing short of miraculous. "People come from far away, two hours, three hours, four hours, people having pictures with me from America and Australia," he said. "I bought the chippy six or seven months ago - it's a miracle."

It's still unclear how this all happened.

One thing that certainly seems to have helped the West Midlands eatery capture the imagination of millions on social media is an annoyingly catchy jingle based around the name.

You can listen to it here but be warned - it's quite an ear worm.

The Daily Star, meanwhile, reported that the venue went viral off the back of a TikTok video rating the best fast food outlets in the U.K. It ranked the fish and chip shop No. 1.

Whatever the origin, Binley Mega Chippy has been attracting a steady stream of influencers on the platform. For example, TikTok comedy duo Ollie Ball and Jacob Pasquill paid a visit late last month and came away raving about the food in a video that garnered 8.6 million views. Watch it here.

Fast food enthusiast Mashtag_Brady, meanwhile, posted a video explaining how he queued for an hour to get his hands on a battered sausage and chips, but simply had to try it, describing the restaurant as the "8th wonder of the world."

His video review garnered 2.8 million views. YouTuber J2Hundred, meanwhile, shared a clip of himself enjoying a "date night" with his partner at Binley Mega Chippy with the clip racking up 7 million views. Watch it here.

That's only the tip of the iceberg, though, with fans sharing videos of themselves driving over three hours to get their hands on the food, while videos and pictures of young people posing outside the venue are commonplace on the platform.

It's certainly something of a snowball effect with one customer, Jennifer Braley, telling Wales Online: "Our whole TikTok is just filled with these Binley Chippy videos so we thought we've got to check this place out. You'd watch one video and scroll down and another would be there. We just love the theme song, it's so funny."

The surge in demand hasn't been without its issues though.

With queues snaking up the street and the renewed interest prompting visitors to arrive in cars with loud music, the BBC reported that West Midlands Police have been forced to conduct regular checks to ensure the noise is kept to a minimum.

But with new videos and visitors popping up every day, things don't look like slowing down just yet, especially as an official Binley Mega Chippy account has arrived on TikTok.


Official account!! Thank you for the support. Looking forward to the weekend hope to see some new faces XD #fyp #binleymegachippy #chippy #Fish #thanks

♬ Binley Mega Chippy - Binley mega chippy big fan

Newsweek has contacted Binley Mega Chippy for comment.

A portion of fish and chips.
A file photo of a portion of fish and chips - a U.K. takeaway has gone viral on TikTok, but no one is entirely sure why. chameleonseye/Getty