Biography: Who is Gov. Sarah Palin?

Born: Feb. 11, 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho, third of four children

Grew up: Wasilla, Alaska (moved to Alaska as an infant, to Wasilla in the early '70s)

Education: Graduated from in University of Idaho in 1987 with major in journalism, minor in politics

Religion: Protestant, attended nondenominational Bible churches growing up

Hobbies: Ice fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, running marathons

Married: Todd Palin, her high-school sweetheart, in 1988

His job: Formerly a commercial fisherman, now a production operator for BP on the North Slope for about 20 years

His hobbies: Four-time winner of the Iron Dog, the longest snowmobile race in the world

Children: Track (18), Bristol (17), Willow (13), and Piper (7), Trig (4 months). Track is scheduled to deploy to Iraq on Sept. 11. Trig was born with Down syndrome.

Nicknames: "Sarah Barracuda" for tenacity on basketball court as point guard in high school. "No Show Sarah" for missing campaign appearances during governor run.

Favorite food: "Moose stew after a day of snowmachining," according to an interview in Vogue magazine