QAnon Podcast Airs Bishop Larry Gaiters' Outrageous Claim of Biden's 'Satanic Sacrifice'

Bishop Larry Gaiters, a far-right conservative host, has claimed that the deaths of Democratic President Joe Biden's family members—including his first wife Neilia Biden, his daughter Naomi Biden and his eldest son Beau Biden—were all a "satanic sacrifice" to help him acquire political power. Gaiters has made similar claims about other political figures and celebrities.

In a recent broadcast of Up Front In The Prophetic, a QAnon-aligned religious podcast, Gaiters said "my two contacts in the FBI" told him that Beau Biden didn't actually die of brain cancer in 2015.

"Beau Biden was a sacrifice for the political rise of his father," Gaiters said, "just like the first wife of Joe Biden, Neilia Hunter Biden, was a satanic sacrifice, going back to 1972, that will give way for the rise of the political career of one Joe Biden."

During an appearance on the QAnon program "Up Front In The Prophetic," Bishop Larry Gaiters declared that the deaths of Joe Biden's wife and daughter in 1972 and the death of his son Beau in 2015 were a "satanic sacrifice" to help Biden's political career.

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Neilia Biden and Naomi Biden died in a December 18, 1972 car crash after Neilia Biden pulled her car in front of an oncoming tractor-trailer truck. The two were declared dead at the scene of the wreck. At the time, Neilia Biden was 30 years old and Naomi Biden was one year old. Biden's sons, Beau and Hunter Biden, survived the crash.

Gaiters is a conspiracy theorist who has also claimed that Antron Pippen, the recently deceased son of professional basketball player Scottie Pippen, was "sacrificed to escalate the rise of his father."

Similarly, Gaiters has said that the January 26, 2020 death of Kobe Bryant in a crashed helicopter marked the completion of a "Luciferian project." Lucifer is an alternate name for Satan, the Christian personification of evil, also referred to as the Devil.

Gaiters has also said that Lady Gaga, a pop singer that Gaiters calls "the witch of the music industry," is on an "assassination hit list" of an "American roster of witches" who will be decapitated by "the sword of God's word" in the future.

Gaiters is a supporter of Republican former President Donald Trump, someone he has called "the greatest president in U.S. presidential history." Trump ranked as the worst president of all time in a 2021 Gallup poll, a 2018 Quinnipiac poll, a 2018 Siena College Research Institute Presidential Expert Poll and a 2017 Morning Consult poll.

Neilia Naomi Beau Joe Biden deaths pastor
A pastor named Larry Gaiters has said that the deaths of Democratic President Joe Biden's first wife Neilia Biden, his daughter Naomi Biden, and his son Beau Biden were all a "Satanic sacrifice" for power. In this photo, Joe Biden's grandchildren Finnegan, Naomi, Natalie and son Beau, sit in the front row at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) winter meeting at the Capitol Hilton waiting for Joe Biden to speak on February 3, 2007 in Washington, D.C. Jamie Rose/Getty

Joe Biden and Neilia Biden had only been married six-and-a-half years before her death. She helped run the 1972 political campaign that made Joe Biden the second-youngest person ever elected to the Senate.

Joe Biden has said that he contemplated suicide after Neilia Biden's death, but he didn't want to abandon his sons. Joe Biden met his current wife, Jill Biden, in 1975. He married her in 1977.

"The incredible bond I have with my children is the gift I'm not sure I would have had had I not been through what I went through [after the fatal accident]," Biden said in a Yale University commencement speech in 2015. "By focusing on my sons, I found my redemption."

Newsweek contacted Gaiters for comment.

Update (5/10/2021, 7:45 p.m.): The headline to this story has been updated.