'The B***h Who Stole Christmas' Cast on 'Special' Festive Film and Being in RuPaul's Orbit

The B***h Who Stole Christmas is RuPaul's answer to the festive film, starring over 20 queens from Drag Race and the "Supermodel of the World" herself.

The camp holiday movie, which will be released on VH1 on December 2, follows journalist Olivia St. Lapelle (Krysta Rodriguez) and her quest to dig up secrets in the town of Tuck-a-Hoe on the orders of her editor Hannah (RuPaul).

When she gets there, though, Olivia is thrust into their "Winter Ball" pageant. She joins forces with locals played by queens Ginger Minj, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Peppermint, and Jan to win the competition.

Rodriguez and her co-star Andy Ridings, who plays Big Russ, spoke with Newsweek about working on the festive film, and being in RuPaul's "orbit".

"It was amazing to be able to watch her process," Rodriguez said of the drag icon. "She walks, I mean Andy was there I believe, it was the first time she walked on set, we were outside, and there are hundreds of people, and the energy in the whole area shifted.

"We were outside and it felt like we were all of a sudden in her world, it's an incredible force that she carries around with her, and I was just honored to get to be in that orbit for a little bit.

"[RuPaul] definitely commands the space and the room, and knows what she wants, and has earned the respect of everybody around [her] and that's great to see."

Ridings added: "100 percent, I actually remember that moment very vividly because Ru walked on the set and I remember thinking that she was like 11 feet tall.

"I was like, 'oh, this person is just an epic individual', but also so down to earth... just talking to her was just so easy and fun."

But RuPaul wasn't the only drag queen to sashay onto the film set, and Rodriguez couldn't help but heap praise on her co-stars Ginger, Peppermint, Hytes and Jan.

Of working with the RuPaul's Drag Race icons, she said: "It was wonderful, I loved getting to play those scenes.

"They're all so good at comedy, they're all so good at what they do specifically with their personas, but they were getting to play other roles as well.

"So, we all got to kind of create this camaraderie together, which was special and, you know, I think we were all kind of doing something we hadn't really done before and that led to a lot of fun discoveries."

She added that she "looked up to" the quartet and was "in awe of their work ethic" and "their talent".

"I think what's cool about this movie, and what's special about it is that they're not playing drag, they play women in the movie," Rodriguez went on. "That is something that we don't see that often and I think it's a beautiful way to respect what they do and them as actors."

The B***h Who Stole Christmas is out on VH1 on Thursday, December 2.

The B***h Who Stole Christmas
RuPaul stars as ruthless magazine editor Hannah in "The B***h Who Stole Christmas", which is released on VH1 on Thursday, December 2. Jordin Althaus/VH1