Bizarre Kentucky Home Listing Includes Creepy Prison-Like Room

Listed as being built in 1986, this 36-year-old Louisville, Kentucky home selling for $399,000 is advertised as peaceful, private and scenic. Along with the two beds and two baths, however, this home features something a little more creepy.

Described as a "bonus" by the real-estate company, a vault-like room, shown in photos as complete with barred doors and no windows, is reminding netizens more of a holding cell in a psychological thriller than a cozy space for crafts.

The popular Instagram page Zillow Gone Wild brought attention to the unusual listing, posting the images to its over one million followers with the caption: "It's been a while since we've seen one of these homes."

The internet took to making plenty of creative comments about the potential usage of this "additional bonus" room, which the property description suggests could be used for crafts or office space with a "walk-in safe room attached."

"Is this jail cell/safe/torture chamber considered the bonus room that would be great for crafts? The craft of what? Kidnapping people?" one user commented.

"Is it just me or does anyone else's mind go to a dark place and worry that that jail cell may be used for human trafficking victims? Do they investigate WHY there is a jail cell in these homes?" another wondered

Having your own prison is the HOTTEST TREND this Spring. Renovated kitchens and baths are so pre-pandemic. If your prison isn't completely demoralizing and leaves your friends questioning your moral fiber, it's not worth having.

— Jonathan Osman 😷 (@JonathanOsman) April 9, 2021

A few design enthusiasts had concerns beyond the makeshift jail cell, with one Instagramer commenting, "The fake vinyl flooring is bothering me more than the jail cell, tbh."

A search on Google Maps reveals that most of this part of the house is situated underground, leaving users to speculate that it is actually meant to be used as a safe room in case of tornadoes or other natural disasters.

While the internet might never know the true purpose of the eerie "prison room" the rest of the 14-acre property appears to be in tip-top shape for any buyer who isn't weirded out by a windowless vault in their basement.

While the house still appears to be on the market, let's hope this bizarre addition won't lead this listing to meet the same fate as the Louisiana haunted house that eventually had to be given away for free last year.

jail bars
Jail cell bars Frank Micelotta/Getty