Bizarre Video of Screaming Frog Terrifies the Internet

A bizarre video of a screaming frog has gone viral and terrified the internet.

The video was originally posted to YouTube by CK Industries in 2017. However, it was reposted to the Reddit subreddit oddlyterrifying, where it got thousands of upvotes and comments.

The footage starts by showing the frog screaming at the camera. It then stops screaming and pauses for a moment, appearing to gulp for air, then begins screaming even louder.

The video has been reposted to Reddit where it has gone viral

Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard, a biology professor the University of Southern Denmark and frog expert, told Newsweek that this screaming is an "unusual behavior in frogs generally"—but not for this particular species.

Christensen-Dalsgaard said it is South American frog from the genus Lepidobatrachus although the exact species of this particular one is unclear. This type of frog are more commonly referred to as a budgett frogs, which can grow to around four to five inches in length.

Christensen-Dalsgaard said frogs of this kind are especially common as pets.

The frogs became popular as pets because of their comical appearance, as their heads often appear half as big as its entire body, especially when they open their mouths.

Budgett frog
A stock photo shows a budgett frog, also known as the screaming toad. It has been filmed displaying its "threat response." Kaan Sezer/Getty Images

Despite their large size, they do not require huge enclosures, making them easier to keep. They mainly eat live insects such as crickets and earthworms. In the wild, budgett frogs can be found in pools during the wet seasons and burrowed into mud during the dry seasons. The frogs, however, do have a reputation for being aggressive at times, especially when they feel provoked.

"It is known locally as the 'screaming toad.' These frogs, like the Ceratophrys frogs, have a powerful bite and will attack predators; the scream is clearly a part of a threat display and probably effective in deterring some predators," Christensen-Dalsgaard said.

Reddit users were mainly terrified at the video, and commented on the frogs bizarre appearance. One user, ygolordned wrote: "I would scream too if I looked like that."

Another user, SweetMangos, said: "The way his mouth is just his face splitting in half."

The pause in the middle of the video looked as if the frog was "reloading its scream," Reddit user UnChadestMan said.

Others social media users expressed concern that the frog was displaying such a loud threat response. Dl3point0 said: "The frog is scared, that's a threat response. The person is f***ing around with it too much."

MQ116 said: "That poor thing. Those lights and the people are probably freaking it out."

As of April 27, the Reddit post has had 46.8k interactions and a 89 percent upvote.