Black and Red Spider-Man Suit Debuts on 'Far From Home' Set

Tom Holland's Peter Parker is the luckiest high schooler ever. He miraculously got bit by a spider and ended up with superpowers. He's friends with Tony Stark and The Avengers. And now, the teenage webslinger from Queens appears to have acquired yet another Spidey suit, if photos from the NYC set of Spider-Man: Far From Home are any indication. This one's peculiar, though, because it doesn't resemble a specific design from the comics. Predominantly black and red with a white spider emblem, the closest look from the comics would be the suit he wears in Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman's Superior Spider-Man series from 2013.

Spider-Man FFH filming in NYC today (*NEW SUIT SPOILERS*) from r/marvelstudios

The set video shows Spider-Man in a classic pose: web string hanging from a building, holding a victim (who appears to be Zendaya's MJ) in one hand as he propels himself back up into the air. It's not a perfect rendition of the "Superior" suit, but it's the closest educated guess. It could be the fourth suit Peter wears in Far From Home alone.

I did a lot of designs for the new #SpiderManHomecoming suit. Here's an unused one based on #superiorspiderman by @DanSlott and @RyanStegman

— Ryan Meinerding (@MeinerdingArt) July 18, 2017

Spider-Man's first cinematic universe suit was the makeshift one he made in his Aunt's bedroom. The second is the classic red and blue Homecoming suit Tony Stark gave him for Captain America: Civil War. Peter later donned the Iron Spider suit for Infinity War. Then, filming Far From Home in Europe, he wore a all-black stealth Noir style suit. Now, in NYC, he's got this never-before-seen black and red suit. Interestingly enough, Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding did some concept art for Tom Holland's first cinematic outing as the iconic webslinger that was clearly inspired by the "Superior" design.

New video on the set of ' SPIDER MAN FAR FROM HOME '


— Tom Holland Source (@tomhsource) September 28, 2018

Why so many costume changes? Who is designing all the suits for Peter in the film? Sound off with theories in the comments. Far From Home arrives July 5, 2019.