March for Our Rights: Pro-Gun Activists Rally in 13 Cities Across U.S.

March for Our Rights, a pro-gun non-profit organization, is hosting rallies in 13 cities across the country on Saturday to defend second amendment rights.

Nineteen-year-old National Director of the movement and USC student Xena Amirani told Newsweek the march has been planned since April, and said "The reason why our movement was founded was due to a negative reaction we had directly with the media in the wake of the Parkland shooting and March for our Lives... There was no publicity assisting us."

Planning to march and speak with approximately 250 people in California, Amirani said she has lost contact since going public with her opinions with other people she initially thought of as friends.

Another teen in the Midwest, 16-year-old march Boulder coordinator Lucy Amirani, had also said she felt her perspective was underrepresented within her community. "I live in one of the most liberal parts of my state, and just at school with the teachers and students I notice significant underrepresentation of conservative views in the classroom, especially history classes," she said to Newsweek.

The Colorado resident also said her ideals in gun legislation include increased funding for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

"With the way background checks work, we can't have them rolling over on the 3-day waiting period, which happens frequently. That's what happened with the Charleston shooter, so it's super important to have funding for these people that are running the background checks."

The National Director of March for Our Rights clarified she and the Boulder coordinator were not related, and said "We coincidentally have the same, very rare, last name. We met on Instagram."

On both coasts, speakers have been found to participate at the events, a list of which includes Philadelphia native and founder of Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure.

BGM Founder
Maj Toure, a speaker at the Pennsylvania March for Our Rights rally. Taj Moure/

"You keep seeing pain. You keep seeing negligence," said Toure, who is planning a 50-state educational tour to discuss the subject. Slated to speak at the Chester County Courthouse today, Toure said the participation of Black Guns Matter was inspired due to seeing the same charges regarding gun control in the news.

"All gun control is racist," said Toure. Toure also said the reality of the gun control lies in the history of the founding fathers. "We're not too many days behind the Fourth of July. African-Americans have a rich history with firearms," he said. In an interview with Newsweek, Toure said America's journey to freedom from Britain's rule was initially tried politically and diplomatically. When that didn't work, they shot them."