Black High School Wrestler Forced to Chop Off Dreadlocks or Lose Match by White Referee (Video)

A white referee was caught on video ordering a black high school wrestler to cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit a key match.

Andrew Johnson, who was competing for Buena Regional High School in New Jersey, was wearing a hair cover over his dreadlocks but was told it was not enough. Video of the incident shows referee Alan Maloney give Johnson an ultimatum: cut off his hair or lose the match.

Johnson appeared visibly upset in the 40 second clip circulating on Twitter as a white woman hastily chopped his dreadlocks off. The high school wrestler went on to win the match in overtime and led his team to a win.

His teammates were seen trying to cheer him up after his victory, but he continued to appear upset.

This reportedly was not the first time the referee involved was accused of racist behavior. Maloney reportedly used a racial slur towards a black man during a 2016 social gathering and was subsequently slammed to the ground for it, the Courier Post reported.

Maloney apologized for the incident and was ordered to complete a sensitivity training class by the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA), which oversees high school wrestling in the state.

Neither the NJSIAA nor the New Jersey Wrestling Officials Association responded to a request for comment.

Several people on Twitter were calling for Maloney to be fired for his actions. Activist and pastor Bishop Talbert Swan urged his followers to call the NJWOA to "demand they fire this racist."

"Bigot Alan Maloney, who once called a fellow wrestling ref a n***er, made HS wrestler Andrew Johnson cut off his dreads or lost the match. He cut them off & won. Call NJ Wrestling Officials Assoc & demand they fire this racist," Swan tweeted.

Activist Shaun King tweeted that the incident should have never happened. "Digusting and heartbreaking. A referee known for his racism, Alan Maloney (google him), made high school wrestler Andrew Johnson cut off his dreads or lose the match. They were covered and gave him no advantage. So he cut them off. He won the match. Never should've been allowed."

WWE star Shelton Benjamin criticised Johnson's coach for not standing up for his player. "Sometimes the team needs to step up for the individual Starting with the @brhschiefs Coach by not allowing Andrew to be discriminated/humiliated. Take the forfeit and give that ref the finger! That ref needs to turn in his shirt & whistle permanently," Benjamin tweeted.

Buena Regional High School
A student wrestler from Buena Regional High School in Buena, New Jersey, was forced to cut off his dreadlocks to play a recent match. The student then won his match. Google Maps
Black High School Wrestler Forced to Chop Off Dreadlocks or Lose Match by White Referee (Video) | U.S.