'Black-ish' Season 5 Spoilers: Junior's College Plan and Everything Else We Know About The Premiere Episode

Dre and Rainbow Johnson were successful in shipping their oldest daughter, Zoey Johnson, off to California's University of Liberal Arts back on the last season of Black-ish, but will they be as prosperous in sending their son Junior off to his chosen university? Fans will soon find out when Black-ish returns to ABC with the Season 5 premiere on Tuesday.

The premiere episode, titled "Gap Year," is centered on the Johnson children's transition into higher education, starting with Junior's (Marcus Scribner) journey to college at Washington D.C.'s Howard University. The only problem is Dre and Bow, played by Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, may not be able to keep him there.

Meanwhile, the twins Jack (Miles Brown) and Diane (Marsai Miles) are facing adolescent problems of their own as they make their way to middle school and realize they won't have the same social status as their elementary school days—an issue that may result in some serious changes for the twins at home. The couple's adorable youngest child, Devante (Berlin Gross ), is likely only child not driving Dre and Bo crazy in the season premiere.

"After dropping Junior off at college, Dre and Bo are beside themselves when they find him back at home announcing his decision to take a gap year. Meanwhile, Jack and Diane begin to question whether they should still be sharing a room," the episode synopsis read.

In addition to familial growing pains, Season 5 of Black-ish will tackle topical societal issues affecting the African American community. One episode reportedly involves an onslaught of white people calling the police on blacks living in the Johnson's affluent California neighborhood. Even Dre will find himself mulling over whether or not to call authorities some neighbors after he notices suspicious activities in a rental property, show producers Kenny Smith and Johnathan Groff revealed to TV Guide in an interview released Monday.

As for Bo, whose back working as an anesthesiologist full-time after giving birth to Devante in Season 3, the doctor will be dealing with all the drama that comes with working in the medical field—primarily in relation to her oddball colleagues.

Black-ish premieres on ABC at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday.