Black Mamba Captured From Storm Drain Under Family Home

A huge black mamba was captured from a storm drain in South Africa, where it had been hiding under a family home.

Jason Arnold, a snake catcher and rescuer, shared a video of the incident at the home in Mountview area of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where he was called to remove the highly venomous snake.

The stubborn snake put up a fight for Arnold, attempting to slither away before suddenly emerging from the drain into a room full of people.

Arnold had come to the property the day before to remove the black mamba, however, in the video, he said the snake had "absolutely vanished." The homeowners then called Arnold the next day, after the snake was spotted lurking in the storm drain.

Black mambas are the longest venomous snakes in Africa. Their bite has a fatality rate of 100 percent if left untreated. They usually prefer to hide from humans, rather than attack, but the snakes often slither into homes in search of prey or a hiding place, meaning conflicts do occur.

In the video, Arnold searches the drainage system for the snake. He spots the snake lurking in one under the floor.

"What I'll do is just take this grid off without being bitten, " Arnold says.

Arnold removed the grate from the drain in a swift movement, and the startled mamba tries to slither away. But he grabbed it before it can get far.

The black mamba began wriggling as Arnold took hold of the lower part of its body. The snake's head was still covered by the drain as it attempted to get away. As the huge snake continues to wriggle, Arnold passed the camera to another person, who passed him a pair of tongs.

Arnold began trying to secure the snake's head, which was still in the drain.

"He's strong,...just be careful when I pull him out," he tells the observer.

People can be seen gathering to watch the catch as Arnold continues grappling with the snake. Arnold then notices another drain, a bit further along the floor. Instead of trying to pull the snake out further, he lets it go, in hopes that its head will be closer to the other drain.

Arnold looked into the gutter with a flashlight, trying to locate the venomous snake. After a while of searching, the black mamba makes a break for it.

Observers get visibly uneasy as the venomous snake suddenly emerged from the storm drain. People in the room shouted as Arnold ran towards it.

Arnold manages to secure the snake with the tongs and grab hold of its head with his bare hands. He then secures the lower body with his hand.

The black mamba's mouth is wide open, and hissing as Arnold holds it up to the camera.

This black mamba may have entered into the drainage system enticed by the tight, dark space. As snakes are nocturnal, they will often seek cool, dark places to hide during the day.

Black mamba
A stock photo shows the head of a black mamba. A black mamba was found hiding in a drain in South Africa. poco_bw/Getty