Huge Black Mamba Found Lurking in School Changing Rooms

A huge black mamba has been found lurking in changing rooms at a school in South Africa.

Snake catcher and founder of the KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, Nick Evans, arrived at the school in a suburb of Durban to find the 7ft venomous snake hiding between some boards against the changing room entrance.

In a Facebook post, which can be found here, Evans said: "[it wasn't] an ideal situation to say the least."

Evans posted pictures on Facebook of him holding the 7ft snake

Evans was relieved to find that all students had left by the time he arrived. He said that the staff that remained had the situation "under control."

The black mamba had dashed between the boards in a panic, when somebody had been walking by.

Evans said that it likely got confused when looking for food in a nearby patch of bush, as the school grounds were "neat and sparse," and not its usual environment.

After a "quick and easy" catch, Evans released the black mamba back into the wild away from the school.

The snake had hidden away next to some changing rooms

Evans said: "No one came close to being bitten. The chances of a bite were extremely slim. Although, I was told one staff member (think garden staff) wanted to hit it with a long stick. Fortunately, he was stopped from doing that. Not only is it cruel and damaging to our environment, but that's how people get bitten by mambas."

This is the third black mamba the snake catcher has caught this month. Evans said that last month was a busy one for mamba sightings, however January has been quiet.

He put this down to the ongoing heat in the greater Durban area, causing snakes to hide away in the shade.

In another eventful black mamba rescue recently, Evans drove up to Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park, near Durban.

Evans came face-to-face with a 8ft long open-mouthed black mamba while searching for it in a ceiling. The black mamba then slithered away up a trapdoor and hid, nowhere to be seen.

When Evans finally located the snake, he realized that his container did not fit through a hole in the wall where it was hiding.

Evans then had to crawl back through the hole, carrying the Black Mamba in his hand.

The black mamba is considered one of the world's most dangerous snakes because of its venom.

The venom can be fatal to humans, however attacks are rare. Evans has previously said that they are extremely misunderstood creatures.

Black Mamba
A stock photo shows a black mamba. A black mamba was found at a school in a suburb of Durban. MarieHolding/Getty Images