Large, Chunky Black Mamba Stares Down at Person As They Sit on Toilet

A large, chunky black mamba stared down at a person sitting on the toilet in South Africa.

Snake catcher Nick Evans—who provides a snake removal service in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province—said on Facebook that he attended the "rather exciting" call at a house in the Seaview area.

Evans and a fellow snake catcher, Grant Cavanagh, had previously been to the property earlier in the day, looking for the snake. However, they had no luck. Then at around 7 p.m. the same day, Cavanagh called Evans to say the snake had once again appeared.

The highly venomous snake was spotted lurking in the ceiling above a toilet. A person on the toilet looked up and saw the snake staring down at them.

Black mambas are highly venomous and can kill a person in under 30 minutes with a bite. The species are usually shy and reclusive, unless directly provoked.

Snake catchers had to make a hole in the wall to remove the snake

Cavanagh had to break a hole in the ceiling to reach the intruder. Once he had done this, he found the mamba had curled up and hidden under a piece of masonite.

Evans later arrived to assist with removing the "large and chunky" snake.

"I was thinking how I was going to do this. I couldn't hold up the board and catch the mamba at the same time. It looked a bit big to flip over, plus, if I did that, the mamba may flee," he said. "Grant volunteered to stand below, and hold the masonite up with a broom, while I restrained the mamba. I reached toward the startled mamba, and dragged its head towards me, so I could restrain it. It took a short while to reverse back into the tongs, but it eventually did. I passed the tail down to Grant, as I climbed down with the head."

Black mambas are the longest snakes in Africa and can reach lengths of up to 14 feet, however, this one was relatively small for the species. While it only measured around 7.5 foot, "it was certainly well-fed," Evans said.

"Everyone there... was excited to see it, although the family were more excited about it being taken away," he said.

It was not the only black mamba call Evans assisted with that night. Later that same evening at 11 p.m., he went to the Savannah Park area, where a black mamba was spotted slithering around a property.

The panicked homeowner rang the snake catcher—who was rushing to the property—asking how far away he was as the venomous snake was "starting to move."

"It was a big one, hiding behind the oven...Fortunately, the mamba sensed the people whenever it considered coming out, and opted to stay hidden behind there," Evans said.

This black mamba was also "well-fed and powerful," but proved to be a simpler catch than the previous one.

"The family and neighbors, like on the previous call, were all super excited about seeing such a large, infamous snake up close!" the snake catcher said.

Black Mamba
A stock photo shows a black mamba. A person on the toilet caught one lurking above their head. luk341/Getty Images