'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Reveal Recap - Gameplay, Multiplayer, Zombies, Blackout

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is in the process of being revealed via a livestream, and you can watch it here. In this live post, we'll be recapping every big announcement as it happens. From multiplayer, to Zombies to the possible lack of a single-player campaign, we'll keep you updated on the hottest leads.

Trailer: Multiplayer, Zombies and narrative slices shown. Trippy effects, drones, returning characters, robots, huge explosions.

  • Black Ops 4 is a game about taking risks.
  • Deepest, most replayable game in Black Ops history.


  • Set between Black Ops II and Black Ops III.
  • Trailer [Watch above]: Quick cuts, huge explosions. Deployable covers, enemy strikes, electrical weapons and a throwable axe. Maps have a clear sense of variety in environment.
  • No thrust jump, no wall run, boots on the ground.
  • Guns are still up while doing everything.
  • Specialists return. Totally reimagined, special equipment.


  • 3D tracers, better animation. Each weapon has its own unique attachments.
  • Operator Mods expand capability. Can add supressive effects.
  • True predictive recoil for the first time ever.
  • League play returns.


  • Reheal button instead of regen.
  • Medic specialist.

Situational Awareness

  • Fog of war: enemies reveal positions when firing.
  • Recon: specialist with sensor guard. It creates a radius to locate enemies. Vision Pulse returns but the whole team can use it.

Flow Of Combat

  • Seraph vs Torque. Torque lays down cover.
  • Firebreak returns.


  • Solo missions with trials. Introduces players to Specialists.


  • Seperate story. New world.
  • New enemy is an ancient order with nerfarious goals.
  • Dark atmosphere.
  • Vapors offer passage through time.
  • Three day-one zombie experiences - Voyage of Despair [Trailer] - (Titanic), IX (Gladiators), Mob of the Dead returns as Blood of the Dead [Teaser].
  • Charlotte, Bruno, Diego and Shaw.
  • Play how you want as an evergreen mode.
  • Custom mutations: play your way with custom rules, speed, health, damage etc.
  • Authenticity Stamps share achievements with others.
  • Challenges now called Callings.
  • Can be played solo with bots.
  • Zombie Rush: simplified mode for new players.
  • Difficulty levels, in-game tutorials.
  • More info coming this summer (probably SDCC in July).


  • Beenox helping.
  • Uses Battle.Net and its social features. Cross-game chat.
  • Custom-built for PC.
  • Dedicated servers.
  • Redesigned UI.
  • Uncapped framerate, HDR, 4K, well-optimized.


  • Fast-paced action.
  • Biggest map ever. Puts iconic map spaces all in one place.
  • Vehicles
  • Campaign moments and Zombies collide.

Those are the key takeaways from the Black Ops 4 reveal. Are you most excited for multiplayer, Zombies or Blackout Battle Royale? Tell us in the comments section!