'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Spectre Guide - How to Unlock & Find His Safe House

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Spectre Rising began Tuesday afternoon, and that means Spectre is back in the game. However, if you're just jumping back in, you may be wondering how to unlock them. In this no-nonsense guide, we'll detail how you can add Spectre to your multiplayer and Blackout character roster with very little effort.

How to unlock Spectre in Black Ops 4 multiplayer

Like all previous Specialist unlocks in Black Ops 4, Spectre can be earned by completing the very first tier of its associated content stream. In the case of Spectre, this is the Spectre Rising stream. To do this, you can get a Daily Tier Skip by winning one match of multiplayer, earning one Merit in Blackout or by reaching round 15 in Zombies, If you'd rather not wait, you can spend 100 CoD Points as well.

In other words, while there's a tiny hurdle required to unlock Spectre in multiplayer, Treyarch isn't trying to keep players from using the character. Just hop back into the action, and you should be playing as Spectre in no time.

Once you have them, here's a look at Spectre's ability setup. Those familiar with the character will notice a few changes from the Black Ops III version.

Black Ops 4 spectre abilities
Spectre's abilities in 'Black Ops 4' are different from their 'Black Ops III' iteration. Treyarch/Activision/Mighty @ YouTube
  • Specialist Weapon: Shadow Blade - Use Shadow Blade to strike down enemies in melee range. This is similar to the Ripper weapon Spectre had in Black Ops III.
  • Special Issue: Smoke - Drop Smoke to confuse and disorient. This is a special smoke grenade that Spectre can see enemies through. It replaces the Active Camo ability from the previous game.

How to unlock Spectre's Numbers outfit in Blackout

If you want to play as Spectre in Blackout, the process gets a lot trickier. That being said, because the challenge isn't restricted to a single match, it's something you can slowly grind toward over time.

Here are the base requirements you need to get Spectre's Numbers outfit.

black ops 4 spectre numbers outfit
Spectre's Numbers outfit in 'Black Ops 4' Blackout Treyarch/Activision/PrestigeIsKey @ YouTube
  • Finish match with Voice Modulator item in your inventory.
  • Lifetime: Kill 20 enemies with a suppressed weapon while the Dead Silence perk is active.

Voice Modulators are said to be found in Spectre's Temporary Safe House. Safe Houses are trailers that look like this. They're located near Rivertown, Asylum or in the trailer park by Ghost Town that's just south of Factory. Once you find a trailer Safe House, look inside behind the door, on the main counter or on the bedside table. If it's not in any of those places, head to the next one.

spectre temporary safe house
This is what Spectre's Temporary Safe House looks like. Treyarch/Activision/PrestigeIsKey @ YouTube

After getting a Voice Modulator, the next step is to get 20 kills with a suppressed weapon while Dead Silence is active. That's really difficult, considering Dead Silence only works for about two minutes at a time, but the feat doesn't need to be accomplished in a single match.

The hardest part of unlocking Spectre in Blackout is enduring the randomness of the challenge. Voice Modulators won't be in the same Safe House every time, and you won't always loot Dead Silence. When those fairly unlikely stars align, though, the task itself is somewhat forgiving. Getting the Numbers outfit isn't a totally ludicrous process, but it can be pretty annoying.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Spectre Rising event is live now.

Were you able to unlock Spectre in multiplayer and Blackout? Have you found any Voice Modulators or Temporary Safe Houses? Tell us in the comments section!