'Black Panther' DVD Release Includes Two Major Deleted Scenes

Black Panther was full of impactful moments and it won't come as a surprise to learn several more were cut out to make the 2 hour and 12 minute runtime. The film's editor Michael Shawver described two deleted scenes to The Wrap and confirmed they will be available on the DVD release.

"Hands down the most painful scene to cut was with Danai Gurira and Daniel Kaluuya," Shawver said. "Those are two powerhouse actors and it was an incredible scene with so many layers to it—boyfriend and girlfriend, it was general and her advisor, all those things. That was painful," he said.

In the scene, General Okoye and Ambassador W'Kabi discuss the future of Wakanda after Killmonger takes power. They feel differently—Okoye is loyal to T'Challa and apprehensive about Killmonger, while W'Kabi thinks Killmonger can take action in a way T'Challa couldn't. It might have given more weight to the final scene where Okoye and W'Kabi come face-to-face on the battlefield, though ultimately we learn where W'Kabi's allegiances lie. At this point in the film, two-thirds of the way through, momentum was starting to drag before the final battle.

"So in the film it is more than hinted at that they're a couple, but there is a scene directly after Killmonger takes the throne where you hear both characters articulate their point of view as to why they should or shouldn't follow this man," Executive Producer Nate Moore explains on the Empire Film Podcast. "It's one of the most well-acted scenes I've ever been a part of."

The second scene Shawver had a hard time cutting was between Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa and Forest Whitaker's Zuri. The latter's death was one of the most devastating in the film and the scene could have provided some emotional context.

"There's a scene between Chadwick and Forest's characters which sets up their relationship," Shawver said. "It sort of lets you attach yourself to their father-son dynamic so that later on in the film…you really feel more," he said.

Shawver confirmed these scenes will be available on the home entertainment release of Black Panther as DVD extras. Disney has not announced a specific release date.