Black Women Film Alleged Racist Rant on L.A. Beach

During their regular Sunday morning run at Los Angeles' Dockweiler State Beach, three Black women claim another woman shouted racial abuse at them. They captured part of the encounter on video.

Brittany, one of the joggers involved in the encounter, told KCAL9 News that the woman said to her and her friends: "Black lives don't matter," "your life doesn't matter," and "you need to go back to Africa."

They claim the woman, who is wearing a salmon top and green leggings in the video, directed racial slurs including the n-word at them during their run. "All of us were caught off guard when we heard her yell 'no more n-word' at us," said Raquel to ABC7 News.

"I have to expose this," said Brittany, "I caught up to her and said 'tell me again what you said.'"

Warning: The video below contains offensive language.

In response to being filmed, the woman in the video is heard saying: "Hey everybody, this woman just accosted me. I can't believe you, you guys are so violent."

The three women said they captured the video of their second encounter with the woman, and this is when the she allegedly called emergency services and made a report about them.

"I need an ambulance," the woman is heard saying on the phone in the video. "My environment has been harmed by this African black person."

Later in the footage the woman says: "You're an African right? I'm trying to give a description... Why are you so offended by the fact that you are an African?"

Brittany is shocked that this encounter happened in one of California's multicultural cities: "I didn't think this would ever happen in Los Angeles. I haven't experienced it. It was a very sobering experience," Brittany said.

Jessyka, one of the other Black runners agreed, saying: "This direct attack in our face, has never happened before."

The three women said they hoped their report would spur other people to confront racists in their communities. "Confront the hate and racism," she said. "It's unfortunate that people still feel this way, but it can't be on people of color alone to fix."

The three women have filed a hate incident report with LAPD. The woman accused of racial abuse also called police but as of yet hasn't filed charges.

Newsweek has contacted LAPD for further comment on the Dockweiler State Beach incident.

Black Lives Matter protest
A protester holds a sign at a Black Lives Matter fashion show and protest in New York City. A recent video shows a woman accused of racial abuse on a Los Angeles beach. Noam Galai/Getty Images