Blind Cat Meowing for Friends Melts Hearts Online

A viral video of a blind cat calling out for her friends has melted hearts online. Shared on Sunday on TikTok by user itsnursedonna, the video has received 2.7 million views.

Shared with the caption "Such an incredibly wholesome moment," the video has over 400,000 likes and thousands of comments.

Posted again on Reddit on Thursday, the video has delighted even more internet users, gaining over 63,000 upvotes.

In the video, a cat calls out from the center of the room before another cat comes up and greets her. Text overlaying the video reads: "Blind cat calls out because she can't find her friends. Someone always comes to the rescue."

TikTok users loved seeing the adorable scene. One user wrote: "Glad she has friends so she isn't all alone," another said: "This is so sweet!"

In a follow-up comment, itsnursedonna who appears to live in Illinois, shared more information about her blind cat named Beans. She wrote: "Beans is blind because her third eyelid was fused to her eyeball at birth. When the eye opened, the corner lid didn't drop. She had her eyes officially removed at 3 months old."

Cats are well known for their great eyesight. In fact, cats have much better eyesight than us in some instances, with a wider peripheral vision and eyes that are six to eight times more sensitive in low light than ours.

It is not uncommon for cats to suffer eyesight loss—particularly as they get older. Just as we may require reading glasses, cat vision changes too. Many experts agree that blind pets can live full lives relying on their other senses.

Thankfully, cats also have a very acute sense of smell and taste, and their sense of touch is also incredibly sensitive. Whiskers aren't just there to look cute. They are used to monitor the environment and help them to orient themselves in many different situations.

Users on TikTok also guessed about the cat's heightened senses. One user said: "Crazy how she knew just where to go and when to stop. Her other senses must be really heightened." The cat's owner itsnursedonna said: "Isn't it crazy! The other cat was walking on the carpet and she sensed him. [She] got super quiet until she was sure he was there. I'm happy someone else noticed!"

Meanwhile, other TikTokers shared that the cat's call for attention had been heard much further than their home, with users sharing that their cats had responded to the meow too. One user wrote: "My cat immediately jumped up too when she heard that meow." Another said: "My cat heard this and literally ran to my phone."

Newsweek has reached out to itsnursedonna for comment.

Blind cat relaxing on chair
A file photo of a blind cat sitting on a wicker chair. A blind cat's adorable call for her friends has melted hearts online. kicia_papuga/Getty Images