Blind and Elderly Rescue Dog Howard Wins Pet of the Week: 'So Proud'

We love seeing what pets have been up to, and this week is no exception. From a giant dog that sniffed out a woman's breast cancer to a greedy dachshund trying to eat pizza through a box, pet antics have been delighting commenters across the internet.

This week we've been faced with the difficult task of once again choosing our Newsweek Pet of the Week. This week, it's perfect pooch Howard that takes the top spot. This very special pup was abandoned in Massachusetts, where he was discovered alone on a street. The blind pup weighed just 5 pounds when he was found.

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The Winner

Howard the dog — reader submission
Howard is this week's Newsweek Pet of the Week. Living in Massachusetts with Kerry Carlson, he loves hiking and going on adventures with his owner. Kerry Carlson

Howard has lived with his owner, Kerry Carlson in Bellingham, Massachusetts, for a year. After he was abandoned, he was taken to Vintage Pet Rescue in Foster, Rhode Island, which specializes in older dogs and those with disabilities that may not otherwise be cared for and have a chance of finding a new home.

"I don't even have all the words for how wonderful they are," said Carlson. "I highly recommend them to everyone."

There was very little history about Howard, but it was quickly discovered that he had eyesight problems. Since his rescue, he has been diagnosed with double glaucoma, which has taken his sight.

"We went to Tufts animal hospital in Walpole, Massachusetts, to the best eye doctor in Massachusetts, and he wasn't a candidate for surgery, unfortunately," Carlson said. "It was a dark day hearing that news. I cried all the way home. But he's so happy and navigates the world like a champ. I'm always so proud of him."

Howard's favorite things include taking a walk and lying under his favorite blanket. But he doesn't really understand toys and often gets frightened by those that squeak.

"I'm a hiker, so Howard is often out hiking with me," Carlson said. "He loves it. Sometimes I swear he's smiling."

The Runners-up

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There were more wonderful pets to choose from, so we've included our three runners-up for the week. Belle the cat is our first one. A 13-year-old tuxedo cat from an animal rescue in Florida, Belle now lives with her owner, Sandra Hart, in Athens, Alabama.

In February, Belle had to have surgery for an abdominal obstruction. After she came home, Hart searched for ways to keep her calm. "She started watching videos after she had surgery. It kept her calm so she wouldn't try to pull out her stitches."

Now recovered, Belle loves watching bird videos, falling asleep to the sounds of the harp and purring cat videos.

Next up in this week's runners-up is an adorable schnauzer shih tzu mix, Marley. Living in Hawaii with owner Diane Brandt, this quirky 3-year-old pup loves life on the island.

She enjoys sleeping, running on the beach and watching turtles. "She shows her teeth when she's tired," Brandt said. "And she loves playing with her friends Emma and Mazzy."

Last but in no way least, rescue dog Max has melted hearts. He was adopted by owner Anne Rickey from a shelter in Tustin, California.

Rickey said: "He had been surrendered by his owner when they went to jail for the third time. Max was unrecognizable when he was brought into the shelter. He was neutered and given a haircut before I brought him home. As Max and I walked to my car, he went to the passenger door and waited for me to open it and jumped in. He crawled into [my] lap and fell asleep on the ride home."

Max has given Rickey a new lease on life after she was the victim of an armed home invasion robbery three years ago.

"I had nightmares and would wake up screaming," she said. "Those dreams stopped when Max moved in with me. He's a great watchdog and protector."

Dinner and breakfast are Max's favorite words, and his favorite treat is string cheese.

"We are both so lucky to have each other," Rickey said. "He is truly my best friend."

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