Blind Toddler Sees Mom's Face for First Time in Tear-Jerking Video

Footage of the incredible moment a little girl was able to see clearly for the first time has gone viral online, having attracted more than 5.5 million views.

The footage, which was shared to TikTok by Elderberrysultan, shows a little blonde toddler, who is wearing a pale pink winter coat and jeans, standing in living room.

A woman then leans in and places a pair of pink glasses on the child, who is legally blind, and the small girl becomes overwhelmed with delight as she runs about the room, excitedly looking at things and spinning in circles.

Text overlaying the footage explains: "Best moment ever. Riley was legally blind.

"We noticed around 2 years old that she called everyone 'mom' and 'dad' because she couldn't recognize faces. So we were able to get her glasses around Christmas time."

We can hear a woman saying "I'm going to cry," and asking Riley what she thinks.

The little girl then shrieks with joy and the woman says: "Come give your mom a hug. You can see my face for the first time."

The heartwarming video, which can be watched here, ends with the two embracing.

Elderberrysultan has captioned the clip, writing: "2 years ago today! #fyp #family #toddlersoftiktok #love."

Since the video was shared on November 1 it has gained lots of traction online, having been liked by a staggering 964,500 people.

Additionally, many TikTokers have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable moment.

One TikTok user, Janel Stroud, wrote: "When my son got glasses he looked at me gasped and said oh mommy you're so pretty. Everyone started crying."

Another person, User9876389467009, added: "I'm definitely NOT crying like a baby in my car in the parking lot at Target. I'm not."

Andrea typed: "She's spinning around taking in every new detail."

Caitlin Teal gushed: "This could be the cutest thing I've EVER seen in my entire life."

Katie Jo explained: "The way she just keeps spinning and looking at everything [sad-face emoji] we really do take things for granted sometimes."

Hannah Banana shared: "I swear TikTok makes me cry more than I ever have in my life. So lovely."

Karina Bustamante commented: "I'm not legally blind or anything but I remember the feeling of getting my first pair of glasses and taking in every detail, seeing trees leaves was [head-exploding emoji]."

Daleo999 revealed: "I think this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. The joy, the happiness, the first times, just beautiful."

LifeHack Inspirational stated: "I'm crying... Such a beautiful moment."

child wearing glasses
A stock image of a child wearing glasses. On TikTok a video went viral showing the moment a legally blind toddler was able to see clearly for the first time. iStock