Blogs: Stuff Other People Like

What do recycling, farmers markets and "The Wire" have in common? If you've ever read Stuff White People Like, the satirical blog that has clocked 20 million hits since its January debut, you'd have your answer. Random House handed the site's author a reported $350,000 book deal—and that might explain the proliferation of knockoff sites by minorities poking fun at their own. Now there's Stuff Educated Black People Like (No. 8: business cards), Stuff Asian People Like (No. 46: cutting in line), Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like (No. 4: Ultimate Frisbee) and more. The sites, of course, are a joke. "I'm not speaking the gospel here," says Charlee Renaud, the educated black creator of Stuff Educated Black People Like. It's true: her list shows that other EBPs prefer neo-soul.

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