Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019: Stunning Photos of Total Lunar Eclipse From Around the World

07 Super Blood Wolf Moon GettyImages-1085701860
Brendan Smialowski/AFP

Washington, DC: The to pof the Washington Monument seems to cut a wedge out of the Super Moon.

08 Super Blood Wolf Moon GettyImages-1085714528
Mariana Suarez/AFP

Uruguay: As the total eclipse began, the photographer captured the phenomenon behind colored lights strung across a street in Montevideo. 

09 Super Blood Wolf Moon GettyImages-1085727064
Axel Heimken/picture alliance via Getty Images

Germany: The blood red moon appears to rest on a spire in Hamburg's warehouse district.

10 Super Blood Wolf Moon GettyImages-1085704292
Xinhua/Stephen Chung via Getty Images

England: The Super Moon rises over the skyline of London.

11 Super Blood Wolf Moon GettyImages-1085730390
Guillaume Savant/AFP

France: The blood red moon is seen behind an architectural feature of the cathedral in the city of Tours.

12 Super Blood Wolf Moon GettyImages-1097244564
Rich Polk/Getty Images

Marina Del Rey: The Super Blood Wolf Moon glows red in the California night sky during the total lunar eclipse.

12 Super Blood Wolf Moon hGettyImages-1085720860
Gaston De Cardenas/AFP

Miami: Earth's shadow eclipses the moon, resulting in the reddish color of the so-called Super Blood Wolf Moon.

13 Super Blood Wolf Moon GettyImages-1085730890
Georg Hochmuth/AFP

Austria. Photographers wait for the Super Moon to turn red during the total lunar eclipse over Vienna.