'#BlowThemUp': Florida Rep. Not Yet Punished for Posting About Palestinians Three Months Ago

The Florida House of Representatives has come under fire for not reprimanding a representative three months after he posted violent threats against Palestinians on social media.

State Representative Randy Fine, a member of the Florida GOP, had an official complaint filed against him in August after the social media posts went live. The complaints described Fine's online behavior as "hateful" and "atrocious."

The posts reportedly went back as far as this past May, and included messages on both Facebook and Instagram. Fine allegedly called Palestinians "animals" and referred to Muslims as "terrorists" and "rapists," according to the complaint.

In another incident, Fine appears to have written "#BlowThemUp" when responding to a comment about Palestinians on his social media profile. A separate post also shows that he privately messaged another user and told them to "go blow yourself up."

The complaint alleges that Fine also encouraged others to run over people at pro-Palestinian protests.

Florida State Capitol
A Florida state representative has come under fire for his insensitive and threatening messages on social media. Here, Florida's Capitol in Tallahassee can be seen. Mark Wallheiser/Getty

Florida's chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who originally filed the complaint, stated that Fine "violated his duty as an elected official and has disgraced the seat which he holds in the Florida House."

CAIR also requested that the Florida House perform a "thorough and non-biased investigation of Representative Fine."

After the complaint was filed, Fine then went after CAIR itself, posting that "the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated terrorist group CAIR is trying to silence [me]. Well I have two words for these monsters: Bring it."

Despite three months passing, however, CAIR says that the Florida House, along with its Public Integrity and Ethics Committee, still has not taken any action on Fine.

"We are disappointed about the committee's failure to act," Taj Murphy, an attorney for CAIR, said Friday. "Their refusal to address Rep. Randy Fine's violent and bigoted rhetoric amounts to complicity."

Wilfredo Amr Ruiz, the communications director for CAIR, told Raw Story that the Ethics Committee told them that "there is no priority" in regards to investigating Fine.

"They have failed to communicate any minimum intention to do it," Ruiz added. "It is possible for the politicians to go unchecked."

Members of the Florida House have been holding committee meetings since September and will continue to do so through the end of November. However, it does not appear that any action is slated to be taken on behalf of Fine.

This is not the only recent trouble that Fine has gotten himself involved with regarding his use of social media.

It was revealed Tuesday that a Brevard County School Board member filed an injunction against a previous restraining order on Fine, alleging incidents of harassment and cyberstalking.

The board member was reportedly asking the court to prevent Fine from publishing her name on any of his social media accounts, and to also forbid him from approaching her house or workplace.

In her court filing, the woman stated that Fine had run a "campaign of harassment on social media ... inciting followers to harass and threaten me."

Newsweek has reached out to the Florida House of Representatives for comment.