Best Family Board Games to Play With Kids and Where to Buy

With stay-at-home orders in place and schools closed across the country, parents may be struggling to come up with ways to entertain their children. As there's only so much Disney + a kid can watch, we've rounded up the best family board games to play with kids.

Grocery stores like Walmart and Target sell tonnes of family and child-friendly board games, from classics like Operation and Hungry Hungry Hippos, to newer games like Toilet Trouble and Don't Wake Daddy.

So why not add a board game or two to your cart the next time you're at the grocery store, or add one to your online grocery delivery?

Best Family Board Games to Play With Kids

  • Operation
  • Yahtzee
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Trouble
  • Toilet Trouble
  • Hi Ho Cherry-O
  • Mouse Trap
  • Don't Wake Daddy


Take it in turns playing surgeon as you try to remove unusual items from your patient, like butterflies from his stomach, or water from his knee. You can buy Operation from Walmart for $13.44.


Yahtzee is the classic dice game in which players take turns rolling the dice to try and score in various categories. Walmart is selling Yahtzee for $7.88.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

In Hungry Hungry Hippos, players each play as hippo and try to eat as many marbles as possible. Hungry Hungry Hippos is available to purchase at Walmart for $11.88.


Trouble is a classic race-and-chase game with a PopoMatic die-rolling bubble, in which players have to try to be the first one to send their four game pieces all the way around the board. Walmart is selling Trouble for $7.88.

Mouse Trap Board Game
A family playing the Mouse Trap board game in the 1960s. H. Armstrong Roberts

Toilet Trouble

Kids will love Toilet Trouble, where they will have to take turns spinning the toilet paper roll and flushing the toilet handle while hoping they don't get sprayed with water from the toilet bowl. You can buy Toilet Trouble at Walmart for $21.49.

Hi Ho Cherry-O

Hi Ho Cherry-O is a board game suitable for children aged three and older in which players have to try to be the first to pluck ten cherries from their tree to fill up their basket, using a spinning wheel to find out how many to put in your basket, or put back on the tree. Walmart is selling Hi Ho Cherry-O for $7.77.

Mouse Trap

In Mouse Trap, players take turns rolling the dice and moving their mouse around the board, trying to collect cheese while avoiding the mousetrap. Mouse Trap is $19.82 at Walmart.

Don't Wake Daddy

Don't Wake Daddy is a board game for children aged three and older, where they will try to move their pieces towards the refrigerator late at night while trying to be quiet so as not to wake their sleeping father. Walmart is selling Don't Wake Daddy for $17.77.

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