Bob Geldof: Donald Trump is a 'Racist Liar Vomiting Bile Over The U.S.'

Bob Geldof Speaks at One Young World 2016[1]

Singer and political activist Bob Geldof used his opening ceremony speech at the One Young World Summit to call Donald Trump a "racist" and a "liar" who is "vomiting bile over the United States."

Speaking in Ottawa, Canada, at a gathering of 1,300 current and future young leaders, Geldof grouped the Republican presidential candidate in a category of "commanders in the armies of stupid" that included U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

"Who believes any more that trade amongst the nations will lift us all out of the great evil that everyone has spoken of, poverty? And especially now that a liar, a fool and a racist vomits his bile on to the disinherited of the United States," Geldof said.

"We're tired. We're so tired, aren't we? Everything seems so complex. Nothing seems to work. And the politicians, leaders and experts are not to be trusted or believed. And so, let us give up on belief. Let us surrender to the post-truth politicians, those reality television actors, the Trumps, the Putins, the Erdogans, the Brexiters. We must not succumb to the fools. We must not be galled by the awful thuggishness of Putin, Erdogan, Xi or Trump, or the many other commanders in the armies of stupidity."

"But the future is not binary. It's not that false choice of utopia or dystopia so beloved of journalists, commentators and writers. There is a constant adjustment of circumstance and morality that an impatient electorate or distracted populous is loath to accept or acknowledge, and thus they leave us to fools like Trump, or Johnson in the U.K. or bullies like Putin."

Geldof, who has spoken at every summit since the first in London in 2010, ended his speech by asking his audience: "What is so funny about peace, love and understanding?"

One Young World is a global movement that hosts an annual summit to offer a unique platform for young leaders to network with peers from every country and sector, sharing ideas to develop solutions to address urgent global issues.