Why Bob Saget Has Been Blocking Twitter Users for Years

Bob Saget got Twitter talking after he issued a public apology and an explanation as to why he's been blocking random people on the social media platform for years.

Hours after his statement, Saget became a trending figure on Twitter, with plenty of fans weighing in on the topic.

He also directly addressed the band Car Seat Headrest for their link to a comic book series that's been using Saget as a character in it for years.

What did Bob Saget say on Twitter?

Some Twitter users started to express confusion online when many shared stories of being blocked by Saget for seemingly no reason. Saget addressed this confusion in one solitary tweet to his 2.2 million followers.

He said: "Apologies to all the people I've blocked over the years. Just can only let positive stuff in. If I could block myself I would. And sending @carseatheadrest my very best."

Apologies to all the people I’ve blocked over the years. Just can only let positive stuff in. If I could block myself I would. And sending @carseatheadrest my very best.

— bob saget (@bobsaget) August 16, 2021

Based on the Twitter users who'd complained that they'd been blocked by Saget, it seems he'd been hiding some of the user profiles of people who had criticized him or expressed strong controversial opinions over the years.

Actress Holly Robinson Peete replied to the tweet, celebrating the fact that she's not been blocked by "BS" to which he retweeted the comment and said "Ha! Never Holly!!! Sending my love."

Twitter reaction to Bob Saget's tweet

Saget's admission that he blocks negative people has led to more people sharing their stories about how they got blocked by him, and others who started a small movement to try and get blocked by him.

Users @devitoisdaddy69, @twinfantasyx and @pmangox all shared images of how they've been blocked by the actor, with the latter revealing they'd been blocked by Saget for eight years now.

Since Bob Saget is trending. I was blocked like 8 years ago and it’s my crowning achievement pic.twitter.com/s2Obp4FYN1

— paige (@pmangox) August 16, 2021

Of course, Saget's apology got the meme treatment online while many other users linked his statement to the online comic Asscastle.

What is Asscastle and why is it linked to Bob Saget?

Saget's direct reference to the band Car Seat Headrest has been seen as a link to the LGBTQ+ themed comic Asscastle which has been using his name for years.

The Car Seat Headrest Twitter account replied directly to the initial tweet and said "Bob, you were in a comic my friend @partydogge wrote a while ago! From there, it became a whole thing." They then shared a link to the Asscastle comic online.

Bob, you were in a comic my friend @partydogge wrote a while ago! From there, it became a whole thing. https://t.co/nh7QlJb16v

— car seat headrest (@carseatheadrest) August 16, 2021

The "Alleged ghost of Bob Saget" is a recurring character in the comic and since has become synonymously linked with Saget.

The band Car Seat Headrest then wrote a song called "The Ghost of Bob Saget." One notable verse within the song, which has been repeated on Twitter today, reads as follows:

"Late night I was haunted by the ghost of Bob Saget
He said, "You're more or less than just a f****t"
So I put on a dress and followed him to heaven
But first, I gave him a blowjob outside the 7-Eleven"

As the reaction to Saget's tweet came in, he went on a liking spree and pressed the red heart icon on many of the replies to him, both positive and negative.

@idiotrabies wrote "Ig if ur a gay furry that listens to car seat then bob saget is our enemy now for some reason" which was a reference to the Asscastle comic. @toughactanya simply said "you're a bad actor," while @kartwillums typed "u probably smell like feet." Saget made sure to like all of these tweets.

Saget's current work projects include his popular podcast Bob Saget's Here For You, and he's also set for a starring role in the upcoming comedy movie Blue Iguana.

Bob Saget performing on stage
Bob Saget performing at Operation Comedy With Bill Burr and Friends at the Wiltern Theater on July 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic