Body Brought to Post Office in Effort to Claim Pension Payment: 'It Beggars Belief'

An investigation is underway after a bizarre incident involving two men using a dead body to commit pension fraud.

On Friday, two men in Ireland's County Carlow reportedly entered a post office with the body of an older man who had died earlier in the day. According to witnesses, the men carried the body in a propped-up position, as if to make it seem like the man was not dead. The pair then attempted to claim the dead man's pension check, according to The Guardian.

Their effort to get his check began earlier, with one of the men entering the post office at around 11:30 a.m. He attempted to claim the payment, but was turned away and told that the office could only give the payment with the pensioner himself present. He returned not long after with another man and the dead body.

ireland dead body pension
Two men in Ireland used a dead body to try and claim a pension check at a post office Friday. Above, Irish police officers. Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

After a post office employee raised concerns about the dead body, the men dropped it and fled the scene. No cash was exchanged during the incident.

The situation is now being handled by the Garda, the national police for the Republic of Ireland. So far, it has been determined that the deceased man was 66 and well acquainted with the younger men who attempted to collect his pension. The men have not yet been apprehended and are believed to be in their 30s.

An autopsy conducted on the body determined that the man likely died around three hours before the post office scheme, Independent Ireland reported. This ran counter to Garda's initial suspicion that he had been dead for a day or two.

"I heard there was a commotion in the post office," Carlow Mayor Ken Murnane told a local newspaper. "I go by there all the time and it's a very busy post office—normally there'd be a queue out the door there. I was absolutely shocked to hear about what happened. I cannot believe anyone would do something like that. It beggars belief, I'm just shocked."

Local councilor Fergal Byrne also spoke on the incident in the local press, referring to the dead man as "a nice man by all accounts and someone who caused no offense to anyone."

"The staff in the shop are very shook up from it," Byrne added. "I'd like to offer my sympathies to the man's family also. It's a bizarre and upsetting situation."

Newsweek reached out to the Garda for a comment on this story.