Bon Appétit 'Gourmet Makes' Series: 40-Minute Videos Viewers Rarely Skip Through is Creating a Cult Following

YouTube's trending page includes a plethora of videos from different creators. For some, being considered "trending" is quite the accomplishment; however, for one YouTube channel, the trending page is nothing new.

Widely known as a food magazine, Bon Appétit's YouTube channel is starkly different than the usual vlogs or beauty content that the social platform is known for. Despite its difference from the majority of YouTube creators, the cooking channel is doing astronomically well.

Among its uploads, Bon Appétit's publishes easy-to-follow recipes and other informational content, but the series that is gaining the most attention is arguably not watched for the recipe but simply for entertainment.

"Gourmet Makes," a series debuted in July 2017, consistently finds itself on YouTube's trending page. Starring the publication's senior associate food editor, Claire Saffitz the series follows the journey of creating a gourmet version of a commercial food item (Starburst, Twix, Cheetos, etc.).

Prior to working in Bon Appétit's Claire was a grad student studying culinary history, according to her bio on the magazine's website. It's not clear when the pastry chef began at the magazine but appeared in her first solo YouTube video in 2015.

Since the first segment of the series in 2017, Bon Appétit has experienced a steady subscriber growth and is creeping up to the 4 million mark.

"Gourmet Makes," which now sports 20 episodes, has created quite the cult following and inside jokes within the comment section and social media platforms. Not only have viewers come to love Claire's mental rollercoaster of a show but also fellow Bon Appétit test kitchen members–Brad Leone and Chris Morocco.

The latest upload comes Thursday and explores Claire's venture in creating Starburst candies. While it may have not been deemed a success by the pastry chef, viewers seem to always find joy in the mayhem that is "Gourmet Makes."

While the "Gourmet Makes" uploading schedule doesn't seem to be set in stone–ranging from once a month or every other week–every time Claire pops up on viewers' YouTube feeds it become an automatic trending topic.

"Opening YouTube and seeing there's a new 'Gourmet Makes' is literally just free serotonin," Twitter user @Officialbrotato noted.

"This week's Gourmet Makes is the best one hands down," another Twitter user added. "I've never laughed so hard."

"Gourmet makes is back and I'm ready to feel bad for Claire as she struggles to make Starbursts for 40 min," @comradesalmon2 wrote.

me @ claire and @bonappetit when a new gourmet makes is uploaded:

— lechon kawaii (@hairsaffitz) June 20, 2019
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