'Boo Hoo Karen' Backstory Explained as Woman Arrested Over Viral Outburst

After a video of a woman's airport outburst went viral on May 27, viewers dubbed her "Airport Karen" and "Boo Hoo Karen," but were also left with multiple questions around the backstory.

Terre Ann Bluse was seen frantically demanding to see "the manager of the airport," and shouting at passengers after being denied access to her flight. The video, which can still be viewed on TikTok, subsequently gained more than five million views when it was shared on TikTok.

Although the video reported that the incident occurred at Indianapolis airport, it actually happened at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

An airport police incident report obtained by Newsweek shows that Bluse was consequently arrested for public intoxication, resisting arrest search or transport, a possible marijuana possession offense and a possible dangerous drug offense.

Bluse was found with a "leafy green substance," and 98 pills including Naproxen, Diclofenac Sodium Delayed Release, Tizanidine Hydrochloride and Gabapentin.

According to Officer Alfman, he witnessed Bluse fall by the door of the jet bridge. As captured in the video, Bluse loudly claimed to have been choked by a man.

"I asked Bluse to come follow me out the way of the door, and she stated, 'I want the f***ing manager of the airport.' Bluse stated, 'who saw me get choked to the ground and a passenger stated back that they saw her run to the door when she was not supposed to," reported the officer.

In the viral clip, Bluse can be seen asking if anyone saw what happened, while a passenger shouted 'boo hoo' back at her.

According to an American Airlines customer service representative in the report, Bluse allegedly yelled while at the counter and was told to sit down. When she was denied access to the flight, she allegedly ran to the jet bridge door in an attempt to get through. A male passenger then allegedly pushed Bluse away from the door, causing her to fall over.

The officer also reported that he spoke to the male passenger who, "stated he saw a ruckus at the counter and heard Bluse was denied boarding the flight. He stated he saw Bluse rush to the door, try to open it and then he pushed her away from the door. I asked him if he got ahold of Bluse's neck and he stated, 'no, I pushed her back'."

Brynne Danielle, a passenger who also went viral with footage of Bluse, alleged to Newsweek in an Instagram message that, "She ran onto the plane. The man she claims choke-held her was a man just getting her off the plane so the people can board the plane and leave."

The incident report also documents that Bluse was "profusely sweating, breath heavy and her eyes were red, bloodshot and glassy," which raised alarms after she was taken to drink some water. Bluse was placed under arrest for public intoxication and was searched by an officer.

"During search, Officer Christian and Officer Penning found two green bottles with a green leafy substance inside, a container full of unknown pills and a small black pouch containing a glass pipe," claims the report.

Recreational marijuana is not legal in Texas, where the incident occurred, or Louisiana, where she was heading. However, it is legal in Washington, where she resides.

Newsweek has contacted Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport officials for comment.

Airport security guard in a face mask
Security Guard Standing In Face Mask. A woman went viral after being arrested at the airport. Getty Images. Getty Images