Books: Alice Waters

My Five Most Important Books
1. "A Pattern Language" by Christopher Alexander. A book about a theory of humanistic architecture that can help the world.

2. "Slow Food Nation" by Carlo Petrini. A lucid and seductive manifesto by the founder of the Slow Food Movement.

3. "The Man Who Planted Trees" by Jean Giono. A parable that makes you believe that one person can change the world.

4. "Serve It Forth" by M.F.K. Fisher. A fantastic storyteller who brought beautiful literacy and sensitivity to the subject of food.

5. "Second Nature" by Michael Pollan. A funny, wonderful teacher who takes your hand and introduces you to Mother Nature.

A much-recommended book you haven't read: Jonathan Kozol's "The Shame of the Nation," a book about the disgraceful inequalities in our public-education system. I have yet to steel myself.

A book you hope parents will read to their children: Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson's "Chew on This," an accessible and engaging book that will make kids understand why not to reach for the Happy Meal.