Bopping Right To The Top

Getting hurt may be a lucky break for artists. Just days after 'N Sync-er Lance Bass twisted his ankle during a "Saturday Night Live" performance, the group rocked the music industry by selling 1.1 million copies of "No Strings Attached" its first day in stores--and went on to sell a record 2.42 million for the week. That's more than double the Backstreet Boys' old record of 1.13 million. No doubt Britney Spears is hoping her "Oops!" will translate to big numbers, too. On March 18 the teen needed four stitches after a camera bopped her on the head during a video shoot for "Oops!... I Did It Again," the first single from her forthcoming album. Her mother posted a message on the singer's Web site saying that Spears was bleeding from the head and speculating that she'd suffered a concussion. "These are the times that I worry most!" wrote her mom. "I worry about those freak accidents that seem to occur when you work crazy hours." Britney was up and performing that night, but maybe she should give "Hit Me... Baby One More Time" a rest for now.