'Borderlands 3' Hotfix 9-27 Nerfs Fl4k, Buffs Zane & More - Patch Notes

Borderlands 3 got a new hotfix on the evening of September 27, and it's made some curious balance changes to the game. There's a Fl4k nerf, Zane buff and more. The full patch notes arrive courtesy of a Gearbox forum post.

Borderlands 3 Hotfix 9-27 Patch Notes

borderlands 3
'Borderlands 3' got a new hotfix on September 27. The patch notes feature a nerf for Fl4k and a buff for Zane. 'Borderlands 3' is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 2K Games/Gearbox Software

Weapon Hotfixes

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Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles deal high damage but felt a little cumbersome to use in certain scenarios. This change will increase their overall damage and increase usability in more combat engagements.

  • Critical Damage increased by 20 percent
  • Fire Rate increased by 15 percent
  • Time to Aim Down Sights (ADS) reduced by 15 percent
  • Time to Equip reduced by 20 percent


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Jakobs and Torgue Pistols were outperforming other manufacturers, dealing damage to groups of enemies at a much higher rate than other pistols. This change keeps their identity intact but reduces overall group control. TEDIORE, DAHL, and Children of the Vault Pistols have manufacturer penalties that affected their overall damage. Increasing their overall damage will overcome some of the penalties while retaining their unique gameplay style and feel.

  • Increased damage on all TEDIORE Pistols by 15 percent
  • Increased damage on all DAHL Pistols by 15 percent
  • Increased damage on all Children of the Vault Pistols by 20 percent
  • Reduced damage on Jakobs Pistols by 15 percent
  • Reduced damage on Torgue Pistols by 10 percent

Maliwan Manufacturer

Maliwan weapons had reduced overall damage because they applied elemental DoTs at a rate and damage greatly above other manufacturers. This effect was toned down before launch, but the overall damage was not sufficiently adjusted to compensate for the reduction in elemental DoTs. We're adding back some of the overall damage and making the weapons faster so elemental builds can really take advantage of Maliwan weaponry.

  • All Maliwan Weapon Damage increased by 25 percent
  • All Maliwan Weapon Fire Rate increased by 20 percent

Atlas Manufacturer

Atlas weapons relied on a game loop that we felt gave players a greater advantage when used correctly. Turns out the loop is not used if the damage doesn't compensate for the time to set up. So now damage on Atlas weapons should facilitate players using them in general on top of feeling badass when they take advantage of Atlas technology.

All Atlas Weapon Damage increased by 25 percent

Miscellaneous Adjustments

The Jakobs Assault Rifle change was to differentiate the Assault Rifle from the pistol as more of a mid to long range powerhouse. Since the Assault Rifles have low mag sizes compared to other Assault Rifles, they're getting a slight increase to overall damage to compensate. DAHL SMGs had their Fire Rates adjusted down before launch but their damage was never sufficiently increased so they should feel more appropriate compared to other SMGs. And the Vladof Heavy Weapon damage has been increased to share in the full Heavy Weapon treatment.

  • Jakobs Assault Rifles Damage increased by 20 percent
  • DAHL SMG Damage increased by 10 percent
  • Vladof Heavy Weapon Damage increased by 25 percent
  • E-Tech TEDIORE Shotgun Damage increased by 50 percent

Legendary Modifications

We're going to be making a larger, comprehensive Legendary gear pass but we have included the following changes. King's and Queen's Call were modified to lower the fire rate. The weapon has a limited burst shot count so overall feel of the gun isn't dramatically affected.

  • King's and Queen's Call Fire Rate reduced by 50 percent
  • Firestorm and Storm base Charge Times were reduced to one second (down from two)


Graveward's beam attacks did not properly scale based on level so at higher levels, the two beam attacks hardly phased players. Players will find his attacks to be more lethal now. In addition, Graveward is a very large enemy and is too easily susceptible to elemental damage unlike the other large bosses. Elemental damage on Graveward is now greatly reduced but to compensate, Graveward's overall health was reduced.

  • Attacks of Graveward now scale based on level
  • Reduced overall health by 20 percent
  • Increased resistances to Elemental Damage
    • Elemental Chance Resistance increased by 70 percent
    • Elemental Resistances increased by 30 percent
    • Elemental DoT Duration taken reduced by 30 percent

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Hollow Point Guardian Rank has been temporarily disabled. We plan on addressing this further in a future patch.
  • Vault Hunters should no longer scream when affected by a DoT while shields are active.
  • Vending Machines will now be restocked with higher quality "Items of the Day".
  • Adjusted a visual concern on Maliwan Shotguns with Cryo Element.
  • Legendary loot drops have been balanced throughout the game. Crew Challenge enemies will drop their intended specific loot, and some enemies like Troy and Rampager will be a bit more stingy and no longer drop Legendaries every kill.

Vault Hunter Adjustments


Zane's gadgets were great at providing additional utility but lacked impact as players leveled up. We increased the Digi-Clone damage with all equipped weapons so the skill can scale better with players as they get to higher levels and harder content. The Drone requires a lot of player involvement to take full advantage of its damage output and increasing the base damage as well as the augments will greatly increase the Drone's versatility and reward players even more for using it effectively.

  • Digi-Clone Damage Increased by 38 percent
  • Drone Damage increased by 50 percent
    • Cryo Bullets damage penalty removed
    • Drone Rocket damage increased by 50 percent
    • Almighty Ordnance Rockets damage increased by 75 percent


  • Guardian Angel health restoration reduced from 100 percent to 50 percent
  • Glamour damage penalty reduced from -30 percent to -10 percent


borderlands 3 fl4k
Fl4k has been nerfed in the September 27 'Borderlands 3' hotfix, but some see it as a welcome change. 2K Games/Gearbox Software

Guerillas in the Mist's bonuses greatly outweighed its penalty to the base skill. We don't want to remove the playstyle completely, but the overall damage output had to be slightly adjusted because it was outperforming other builds. We're monitoring the changes and may make another change to the ammo return in a future patch.

  • Guerillas in the Mist duration reduced from eight seconds to six seconds
  • Guerillas in the Mist Critical Damage Bonus reduced from 50 percent to 25 percent

This hotfix is full of major adjustments, but the ones that have most fans talking revolve around the balancing of Vault Hunters Fl4k and Zane. Designed as a solo-friendly character used by most newcomers, it's no secret that his Guerillas in the Mist perk was maybe a little more powerful than it should've been. With the tier 2 ability, players could continue to attack while the Fade Away Action Skill remained active. While it makes sense in the grand scheme of a smart build, the maneuver was clearly OP, and it started to become a crutch as players approached higher levels. Zane, on the other hand, isn't being used as much as other Hunters because his Digi-Clone ability is somewhat complicated. The buff attempts to mitigate some of that apprehension.

Most of the changes in this hotfix are greatly appreciated, but there's still lots of work to be done to bring the optimal Borderlands 3 vision into focus. For example, as awesome as Moze can be, her Iron Bear ability becomes useless in the late game. Gearbox support maintains that this is a problem the team is looking into for a future patch or update.

Borderlands 3 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. To learn more about character builds, check out our Borderlands 3 build guide.

What are your thoughts on the latest hotfix for Borderlands 3? Are you happy with the Fl4k nerf and Zane buff? Tell us in the comments section!

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