'Borderlands 3' Loot the Universe Promethea Guide - Drop Locations, Best Farms & More

Borderlands 3 Loot the Universe Promethea is in effect through May 7, and that means the planet is full of great farm spots for Legendary drops. In this brief guide, we'll reveal all the drop locations and offer suggestions for where you should go to make the most of the event.

What Drops Where

Here are the Loot the Universe Promethea drop locations alongside the types of Legendary equipment you can expect to find once you get there.

  • Meridian Outskirts: Shotguns
  • Meridian Metroplex: Snipers and Artifacts
  • Lectra City: SMGs
  • Atlas HQ: Assault Rifles and Class Mods
  • Athenas: Pistols and Shields
  • Skywelll 27: Heavy Weapons and Grenades
  • Neon Arterial: Shotguns

Best Farms in Each Location

Meridian Outskirts: The best place to farm is here, near Borman Nates. It's not a great farm, but it exists if you need it. Just farm the big scaffolding platform near Bates, and you'll do just about as well as you possibly could.

borderlands 3 bormaan nates
'Borderlands 3' Loot the Universe Promethea is life. On the Outskirts you can farm Shotguns near Borman Nates. 'Borderlands 3' is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Gearbox Software

Meridian Metroplex: For this map your best farm is Gigamind. He's dropping lots of Artifacts.

borderlands 3 gigamind
For the Metroplex, Gigamind is your best spawn. Gearbox Software

Lectra City: There are two decent farm spots. The Kilavolt boss location is a pretty good place to start.

borderlands 3 kilavolt
Kilavolt is one of two good farms in Lectra City. Gearbox Software

You can also try this outskirts spot near a save point that has lots of the Badass enemies that should be your primary focus during this event.

borderlands 3 lectra save
There's also a save point on the outskirts that may be worth trying. Gearbox Software

Atlas HQ: For this map, your two points of focus are Katagawa Jr and the Power Troopers. If you want to farm the Sand Hawk the same time as other guns, go with Katagawa. For other needs, the troopers will do just fine.

borderlands 3 power troopers
In Atlas HQ the Power Troopers are your best best. Gearbox Software

Athenas: Captain Traunt is your main farm spot in this case. Here's his location. There are also some Badass enemies in the nearby halls that provide extra chances for the Loot you seek.

borderlands 3 captain traunt
In Athenas, Captain Traunt is the best farm. Gearbox Software

Skywall 27: This spot doesn't have many good specific spawn locations, so you may be best off running through the whole map and seeing what you get. If there is a specific spot worth your attention it's here, near Katagawa Ball.

borderlands 3 katagawa ball
The best farm in Skywall 27 is Katagawa Ball. Gearbox Software

Neon Arterial: Of the two possible Shotgun spawns, this is the best one. To farm, just go to these three inlets towards the edge of the map. There's even a save point, which makes it easy to alternate between each area and then reload your save.

borderlands 3 inlets
For Neon Arterial, try these three inlets towards the edge of the map. Gearbox Software

That's all you need to know about Loot the Universe Promethea in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Loot the Universe Promethea runs through May 7.

What are your thoughts on this Loot the Universe event? Which Promethea farm will you be headed to? Tell us in the comments section!

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