'Born to Be Opera Singer': Video of Warbling Dog Watched Nearly 6M Times

An adorable border collie named Nikolas has wowed fans on social media with a surprisingly soulful singing performance.

A video of the canine's incredible vocal talents was posted to TikTok by julia.szypulska02 alongside the caption "Born to Be Opera Singer" where it quickly began racking up views.

In the clip the dog's impressive range and distinctive singing style is there for all the world to see, with the pet pooch delivering a powerful rendition while cosily sat high up on a windowsill.

At the time of writing, the clip had been viewed more than 5.9 million times turning Nikolas into an overnight animal star in the process.

Fans were quick to flood the video's comments section with praise for the dog's inspiring operatic performance.

Lucifer Pitt commented: "The pain, the drama, the tragedy."

Termusica noted that the dog "sang a whole octave phrase in minor key with a clear resolution at the end" adding "your dog might be human."

Harold Vinicio enthused: "So much emotion!!! Bravaaaa!"

Kimberly Nicole spoke in similarly glowing terms.

"The more I listen to this, the better it gets," she said.

Nikolas's operatic performance can be watched in full here.

At least one fan thought they were listening to a cover version of a well-known '80s hit.

"I know Careless Whisper when I hear it," jokes Kayla Sprindis.

Luna, by contrast, was convinced they heard him sing "Aveee Mariaaaaaa."

The compliments continued to fly.

"I want this dog to sing at my funeral," declared user3929490986835.

I eat antifems was similarly in awe, writing: "Sings so beautifully...I shed a tear."

Johnny Berchtold was left feeling very emotional.

"I am in absolute tears," he wrote.

Emilie Jolicoeur, meanwhile, aptly described Nikolas as "the most dramatic dog I have ever seen."

As emotive as the dog's performance may have been for some, a few fans were still able to see the funny side of it all.

Bobbie the Persian branded Nikolas the "Barker of Seville" while Karmen dubbed the singing dog "Frank Sinpawtra" in another impressive turn of phrase.

Others were left simply wanting more.

"I need the full song," Madisonxalexandra wrote.

Arguably the highest praise came from London's world famous Royal Opera House who took to the comments section to praise Nikolas personally.

"Amazing stuff," they wrote, adding "We'll be in touch soon."

Emboldened by his newfound fame, Nikolas's owner has pledged to continue posting videos of his impressive singing efforts.

As one commenter, TheSiMyaWallace put it "He [Nikolas] didn't choose to be a superstar, it chose him."

Newsweek has reached out to Nikolas's owner for further comment.

A border collie howling.
A border collie howling - a video of a singing dog has sent TikTok into meltdown. GlobalP/Getty