Boss Accuses Worker of Being Behind Because of Doctor's Appointments in Viral Post

A post on Reddit has gone viral after a boss accused a worker of being behind for taking two doctor's appointments. People had strong opinions about the situation.

Redditor r/JakeTheSandbag shared the post on January 4 to the subreddit r/antiwork. The post is titled, "'Your doctor appointments could be a reason why you're behind/overworked.'—My glorious leader of a boss."

The user went on to explain that they only took two doctor's appointments in 2021 to check that they didn't have testicular cancer. Then during a private meeting with their boss, they mentioned hiring another person to help out.

"Anyway, in our 1-on-1, I brought up how understaffed our team is, and how I need at least one additional hire to help tackle my projects and workload, and was met with, 'Well, maybe if you didn't take those doctor appointments, your workload wouldn't be so intense.'"

The Redditor didn't mince words on the thread. "F**k right off, I don't take doctor appointments as an excuse to Ferris Bueller it up all day and not work, I take them to make sure I'm not f**king dying."

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in a survey of 110,495 full-time workers in a variety of occupations, there was an average of 3,000 workdays missed per occupation in 2020.

Man with clasped hands
A Reddit post has gone viral after a worker detailed their boss accusing them of being behind because of doctor's appointments. Here, a man with clasped hands in business attire is seated across from someone. FIZKES/GETTY

The post has gone viral with more than 12,000 upvotes and over 500 comments. People are rallying around the OP, and they are coming to their defense in the situation.

One Redditor admitted they "cannot imagine this being said" to them "and a major scene not happening."

Another user didn't hold back their initial reaction from people in the thread. "Yeah, I think my knee jerk reaction would be to say, 'Excuse me, what the f**k did you just say to me?'"

Another person joked, "I hope you don't feel COVID coming on and need 'gasp' a week off."

"If your company cannot run because one person is out for two days in a year, that's exactly when you need more employees," another Redditor reasoned. "Seriously, part of running a business is ensuring you have some redundancy in coverage in the event of emergencies—that's literally the bare minimum."

One Redditor had harsh words for the OP's boss. "The only cancer here is your boss," they said.

A user didn't think the OP should give a two weeks notice when they finally leave that job. "Remember this moment," they said. "It's the moment your boss lost the courtesy of your two weeks' notice."

Another user simply made light about the situation saying, "Unacceptable. How dare you see a doctor! You should die at your work post like a man. Those health insurance benefits are not intended to be used on company time! Use them on your vacation."

While others think the OP should quit. "Let this motherf**ker see what gets done when you leave," someone also mentioned. "Don't even give a two weeks' notice."

Another Redditor equated the "maybe five hours of missed work per year" the OP used "does not hold a candle to the ~2k more hours of labor per year they would have gotten for hiring another employee."

One fan thought the OP's boss "sounds like a moron," also adding, "Yes, the two days you took off equaled however much extra work he's implying."

Newsweek reached out to r/JaketheSandbag for comment.