'Respect': Boss' Response to Staff Not Working the Weekend Stuns Internet

The internet has praised a manager for siding with her employee after receiving a complaint that they didn't respond to a work message out of hours.

On Monday, Reddit user TheViciousB**** shared the story on the popular subreddit r/MadeMeSmile. The title read: "My boss received an escalation that I wasn't responding to someone over the weekend."

With over 11,000 upvotes and thousands of comments, the story has caught the attention of Redditors who have rushed to praise the woman's boss.

The poster went on to explain: "I received a text message over the weekend about a low-impact, low-priority occurrence (not even an issue, just a heads up), and I did not respond or wade in (from an internal colleague, not a client.)

"The person escalated to my boss that I wasn't replying. Monday morning my boss messaged me: 'I would just like to confirm you did not message ____ this weekend and did not do anything to investigate the issue?' I replied, 'Nope. Not a thing.'"

The woman's boss praised the employee for not working during the weekend and told her that they had confirmed with the complainant that they do not work weekends—telling them what resources are available during non-business hours.

Recent research shows that working longer hours is having a negative impact on our health. The latest estimates by the World Health Organization and the International Labour Organization found that long working hours led to 745,000 deaths from stroke and ischemic heart disease in 2016.

Cases of work-related disease are particularly prevalent in men, with 72 percent of premature work-related deaths recorded in males. The study concluded that working 55 or more hours per week was associated with an estimated 35 percent higher risk of stroke and a 17 percent higher risk of dying from ischemic heart disease when compared to working 35-40 hours a week.

Reddit users were pleased to see the boss' reaction to the work issue. One commenter said: "This should be the norm. I repeat this is how things are supposed to be. Having said that, you are lucky OP [original poster]."

Another Reddit user wrote: "This is awesome. My boss is very much the same. He actually got mad at me for answering emails over the weekend (one of his critiques during my annual review) because he wants me to set better boundaries and work-life balance."

Information from Statista shows that 72 percent of people in the U.S. in 2018 considered work-life balance a very important factor when choosing a job. In a 2017 workplace wellbeing survey by Deloitte, 77 percent of people said that they had experienced burnout in their current jobs at least once.

Later in the post, the Reddit user finished by saying: "It is nice to have a boss that believes in boundaries and a workplace that has systems to handle our non-work hour issues, so both sides get what they need—the off-hours person gets help, the business hours person gets a weekend."

In response to the story, one Reddit user praised the person's boss and said: "Honestly. This kind of respect is part of what separates 'Leaders' from 'Bosses'. You have a leader."

TheViciousB**** declined to comment when approached by Newsweek.

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A file photo of a hand holding a mug that reads "Happy Weekend". The internet was stunned by a boss' reaction to their employee not working over the weekend in a viral post on Reddit. kaipong/Getty Images