Boss Slammed After Firing Worker of Seven Years for 'First Time Being Late'

A Florida man in a now-viral Reddit post said his co-worker was fired last week for being 20 minutes late to work.

Posting on the social media platform's "Antiwork" forum on Monday under the username u/No_StopItStepbro, the man wrote: "Co-worker who has never been late in 7+ years gets fired [for his] first time being late." The post has so far amassed over 64,000 upvotes, and thousands of comments slamming the man's "shortsighted" manager. It also opened a discussion about whether or not the termination was legal.

At-Will Employment

Florida is an at-will employment state, meaning employers can fire employees at any time, for any reason, save for a few exceptions, said the Houston Chronicle, which added that employees cannot be terminated for "discriminatory reasons."

"Race-based terminations, terminations based on national origin, religion and race, gender-based terminations and terminations based on disability are discriminatory and illegal" under equal opportunity laws, the paper reported.

Angry boss
A Florida man in a now-viral Reddit post said his co-worker was fired last week for being 20 minutes late to work. XiXinXing/istock

Employers also can't fire employees based on "a previous complaint alleging [the employer's] failure to comply with health and safety regulations, [their] failure to comply with wage laws or [their] failure to comply with any other state or federal employment law," the Chronicle continued.

'He Needs Us'

In the comments section of his post, u/No_StopItStepbro said his co-worker was fired on the spot for being "unprofessional" during a conversation with his boss about being late to work.

"[He didn't receive] a write-up, a verbal warning or anything—just straight up let go," u/No_StopItStepbro said. "What's crazy is that he is the only painter we there's no one to replace we will be 'behind' because stuff isn't done because we can't do it because we don't know how."

In an effort to send a message to his "shortsighted" and "short-tempered" boss, u/No_StopItStepbro said he and his co-workers are planning on arriving late to work on Tuesday.

"He needs us, we don't need him," he added.

Redditors React

Redditors slammed u/No_StopItStepbro's boss for firing the employee, though some theorized the termination had nothing to do with tardiness.

"Twenty minutes is nothing. How petty of your boss. Life happens. Traffic happens. Accidents happen. Public transportation delays happen. Appointments run late," u/BrightEyes7742 said.

"Jesus...good on you guys for standing up for him! I hope everything works out. Your management is ridiculous!" u/odo-italiano said.

"I'd just f**king quit. If you can't afford an employee being late one day, regardless of the reason, I don't want to work for you," u/shadowdash66 wrote.

"Sounds like they wanted to fire but lacked a good reason." u/RowlingWasNotWrong posted.

u/S3guy agreed, saying: "Not that it justifies it, but that sounds like they were looking for a reason to fire them."

Newsweek has reached out to u/No_StopItStepbro for comment.

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