'Botched' Episode 10 Recap: 'Pikachu' Nose, Ruptured Breast Implant – Will the Doctors Be Able to Save These Plastic Surgery Mishaps?

Last night's Botched episode featured Sallie Axl, a plastic surgery devotee who requested everything from a Pikachu Nose to heel implants. Find out everything that happened on last night's episode, here.

Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow returned Wednesday for another batch of plastic surgery mishaps, including a "surprise" nose job and one of "the hardest" breast augmentation Dr. Dubrow has ever seen.

Spoilers for episode 10 ahead:

Jessie – "Implant Spitter"

At first, wanting bigger breasts because of low self-esteem and cheating partners, Jessie was left with a completely botched breast augmentation that left her with "one teacup breast and one negative 'A' breast."

With multiple surgeries under her belt, Jessie had extremely thin skin that made any type of reconstructive surgery extremely difficult. Dr. Dubrow hatched a plan to do separate surgeries to try and build up scar tissue to thicken up the skin within the surgery site.

After Jessie's first surgery, things looked to be healing and heading in a great direction. Following her post-operation consultation, however, we learn that Jessie's implant began to show and it looked like things were back to square one.

While it may have looked bleak for Jessie, Dr. Dubrow was confident in his abilities to reconstruct her breasts to give her something she could be proud of.

After a second surgery, Jessie was healed and finally able to wear a bikini and feel comfortable in her body.

Mariela – "Surprise Nose Job"

Next up was Mariela, a 41-year-old woman who went into surgery for liposuction but woke up with a new nose.

Around 20 years prior, Mariela was in Peru visiting family. She had always struggled with body image issues and wanted to have a liposuction procedure done to boost her self-confidence. Mariela steps into the office of the Peruvian or "Beverly Hills equivalent" surgeon's office, when she receives a surgery she did not consent to.

"Performing unconsented surgeries is considered battery because the patient can't voice their opinion–they're unconscious," Dr. Nassif said to the camera.

The surgeon who performed the botched surgery on Mariela was arrested for performing unrequested surgeries and convicted to 8 years in prison for the death of his girlfriend during surgery.

This was a tough case for Dr. Nassif; however, by taking grafts from her ear, scalp and rib, he was able to construct a nose that would end the consistent bullying of Mariela.

Sallie AXL – "Pikachu Nose"

The third and final case was someone who could easily be labeled as a plastic surgery addict. Sallie AXL, a DJ from the UK, has had multiple surgeries in the last year and plans on having more. Her goal? Perfection and a "Pikachu nose."

"The faker, the better," Sallie said to the camera.

As she is preparing for her consultation with Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow, she decides to take her friend Tess to accompany her–funny thing though, her friend and Dr. Nassif briefly dated.

"It might be a little awkward," Tess said. "But it's a funny scenario."

During the consultation, Sallie mentions the idea of "heel implants," a Korean concept she had heard about.

"I heard of heel implants from a documentary-sort of thing," Sallie said to the camera. "My friend Tess seems to think they're from North Korea or South Korea, I'm not sure which Korea it is. One of them you haven't got Internet, but the other one is a normal place."

Heel implants were automatically taken off the board because of the healing complication that could happen. As for the "Pikachu nose," Dr. Nassif demonstrates how difficult it would become to breathe is Sallie were to get it pinched so severely, and she decides that she'd rather have a fully-functional nose.

Botched airs on E! Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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